Grow your magnetic visibility

Overcoming Your 'Not Enough' Voice

Do you know that sinking feeling when you realise that there’s something you said you’d do, but you haven’t? 


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From Seed to Sprout: grow your vision into reality

How are the seeds of your precious vision coming along now the excitement of the New Year has faded?

The first week of February marks Imbolc, the...

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Dealing with Disagreement when expressing your truth

So, I've been hearing from lots of folk lately that they’re struggling with other people’s reactions when they share their opinion,...

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Grow Your Resilience to thrive in times of turmoil

Have you been feeling rocked by the waves of our tempestuous times recently? 

How is that impacting your ability to show up, share your...

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Speaking up in turbulent times

There was an awkward silence between us. This conversation was not going well. 

We’d been here before. 

For him, information in the...

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The power of letting go

I love decluttering. But letting go of books … that’s hard for me. 

Especially poetry books!

I love poetry. It’s one of the...

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My biggest birthday present ever!

I got the biggest birthday present - ever - this year.  

It was unexpected. Magical. And totally in line with my vision.  

After living...

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Love is in the driving seat

170 years ago in Ireland people died by the side of the road in their thousands.

The main potato crop repeatedly failed. A people already on the...

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Stop the World

Stop the world, I want to get off!

How often have I heard that cry from myself and others over the years.

We’ve been living in the time of...

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Legacy of the Witch Wound

I sat at my laptop, my mind utterly blank. Aargh. It was like walking through toffee.

I knew what I wanted to say. So why was my brain frozen? Why...

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How shifting my visibility blocks opened up incredible support for my work

As I munched my salad, the familiar shrinking feeling came over me. A knot in my belly. A small sad voice asking: ‘What about me?’ The...

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How to overcome the pain of not being seen

As her words sunk in, I felt tears prick my eyes. I just wanted to disappear.

I felt hurt, angry and confused. What had I done to provoke such...

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