Dealing with Disagreement when expressing your truth


So, I've been hearing from lots of folk lately that they’re struggling with other people’s reactions when they share their opinion, personal experience or truth. It can be really painful.

How has this impacted you? And how have you dealt with it?

We’re living in charged times. It’s easy to stay silent or feel silenced.

But if your message is challenging conventional views - in any way, on any topic - and you’re bumping into this or holding back for fear of it, this video training is just for you.

How do you deal with different views when sharing your message?

How do you handle triggers and heightened emotions - including your own?

Most importantly, how do you communicate in ways that deepen connection and amplify your influence, rather than intensify difference and insecurity.

Watch this video to:

✨ Receive powerful tools for releasing projections and re-establishing safety

✨ Expand your capacity to stay in your power, while holding space for difference

✨ Discover how to create connection so you can dramatically amplify your influence

This was offered as a live training my my Facebook group - Visibility for Visionary LeadersMost Tuesdays I show up with a Visionary Voices Deep Dive Live, so reach out to tell me what topics you'd most love support with.

If you'd love to receive the support of a nurturing community as you step out and share your wisdom, come on over to the group and get to know us.

Stay connected. The world needs the wisdom only you can share. 

Rionach xo

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