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YouTube Channel Playlists

I’ve created powerful playlists of my most popular deep-dive trainings for you,
centred around my 3 Core Pillars of Soulful Visibility.

Plus a bonus playlist: Poetry Alchemy™ to Ignite Your Potent Presence.

The Deep Roots of Visibility Blocks

Playlist #1 -
Clear Your
Visibility Blocks

Understand how clearing deep blocks from personal, collective, ancestral and soul levels can melt your frozen parts and rewrite old stories that keep you playing small. 

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Playlist #2 - 
Cultivate Your Visibility Superpowers

Learn how to your switch on your potent, magnetic presence, generate your own safety and invite your people into your world so you can show up with ease.

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Create Your Visibility Breakthrough

Playlist #3 - 
Create Your
Visibility Breakthrough

Discover powerful practices and energy shifts to get in the zone to create aligned rhythms to consistently engage your people and grow your audience.

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Create Your Visibility Breakthrough

Bonus Playlist - 
Poetry Alchemy™ to Ignite Your Potent Presence

Poetry goes deep fast to awaken your soul's voice and grow your capacity for visibility. The right poem at the right time invites you to embody a freer, wiser and more daring self.

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Be seen. Be known. Be valued.


Discover the deep roots behind your habits of hiding. Transform how you show up!