Grow your magnetic visibility

When Money is a Visibility Block

Is your relationship to money keeping you small and invisible?

Expand your capacity to receive money *for good* with these powerful money mantras...

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Grow Your Capacity for Visibility

How do you grow your capacity for visibility? 

First of all, what is capacity? 

Desire is what you want to experience. 
Capacity is...

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Holding Space for Your Younger Self

Shift your habits of hiding with these 3 essential steps to creating an empowered relationship with your inner child.


We all have younger...

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Showing Up When You’re Falling Apart

The question I often see my clients and friends struggling with is:

‘How can I invite people into my world when I’m deep in my own...

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Switch On Your Visibility Superpowers

Do you find that your motivation to ‘put yourself out there’ is low at times? 

Especially when you feel tender, vulnerable or are...

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Cultivate Your Soul-full Visibility

Do your visibility activities feel full of soul? Aligned, magical and in flow for you? 

Or does bringing more of your soul into your...

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From Spinning to Momentum

When it comes to showing up consistently to share your message, do you find yourself spinning your wheels

Going around in circles, not...

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Are You Ready to be Visible?

Is it time to get back in the game following a good summer break? 

How do you find your rhythm so you can show up consistently to share...

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Calling in Your People

Have you ever used manifesting techniques to call in a home, car, job, relationship, or dream trip?

Lots of people teach this, but not many use...

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Reclaiming Your Untamed Self

The path of aligned visibility is one of returning to who you truly are. 

Sharing your authentic self can only come from knowing yourself...

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Fire Up Your Fierce Voice

The habits of playing small are so seductive.

Be nice. Be good. Fit in. Keep your head down. Don’t rock the boat. 

The truth is, you...

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Nothing About Who You Are Is Wrong

How do you balance being on a personal development path of healing, growth and evolution … while at the same time accepting yourself as...

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