Grow your magnetic visibility

Tales from the Unbound Path book

Celebration time! 

In November 2022 I submitted a piece of writing as part of the Unbound Writing Challenge with Nicola Humber, in response to...

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Being Enough

You are enough.
Your beingness is enough.

There is nothing you can 'do'
that is a more powerful force for change
than your beingness.

Who you...

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The Poem that Awakened My Soul Calling

Would you love to find an unwavering source of energy that gave you the courage to trust your next steps - even if your destination is not yet...

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The Poem That Ignited My Unstoppable Commitment

How do you cultivate the energy of commitment so you can step forward to become visible with your wisdom and share your gifts? 

The energy of...

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The Poem That Broke Through My Visibility Blocks

What are visibility blocks? And how can a poem break through them on multiple levels? I share my story and how you can do this too.

What often...

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Ask Your Body (to make aligned decisions)

Do you find it easy to be in your head and struggle with making aligned or healthy choices? 

Or get overwhelmed with too many options, feeling...

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When Money is a Visibility Block

Is your relationship to money keeping you small and invisible?

Expand your capacity to receive money *for good* with these powerful money mantras...

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Grow Your Capacity for Visibility

How do you grow your capacity for visibility? 

First of all, what is capacity? 

Desire is what you want to experience. 
Capacity is...

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Holding Space for Your Younger Self

Shift your habits of hiding with these 3 essential steps to creating an empowered relationship with your inner child.


We all have younger...

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Showing Up When Youโ€™re Falling Apart

The question I often see my clients and friends struggling with is:

‘How can I invite people into my world when I’m deep in my own...

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Switch On Your Visibility Superpowers

Do you find that your motivation to ‘put yourself out there’ is low at times? 

Especially when you feel tender, vulnerable or are...

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Cultivate Your Soul-full Visibility

Do your visibility activities feel full of soul? Aligned, magical and in flow for you? 

Or does bringing more of your soul into your...

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