Secrets to growing yourself visible from the inside out

Facing the Frozen One

In this Visionary Voices Poetry Dive, I offer a poetry activation to go deep into the energy of my poem The Frozen One.
This is a tender exploration of the themes of this poem, in a deep and safe space to hold what wants to surface and be seen around this topic.
The Frozen One
I am the Frozen One.
I live inside you.
And I am older than you are.
I am the soul cry of your ancestors.
I carry what could not be borne.
I am the burning of the witches.
I am the blood of the natives.
I am the scars of the enslaved.
I am the wounds of the wisdom-keepers.
I am the silent scream of women.
I have been torn and tortured.
I have been reviled and rejected.
I have been muzzled and muted.
I have been exiled and executed.
I have been broken and betrayed.
I am the Frozen One.
Deny me and you remain frozen yourself.
Silence me and you stifle your own true voice.
Ignore me and distractions fill your days.
Abandon me and you will never feel truly safe.
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Saying YES to your Soul with Jo Dyer

What does it take to say YES to your soul? 

And how do you know your soul's voice when you hear it? 

My interview guest, Jo Dyer, has followed those 'yeses' through many twists and unexpected turns in her life. And helps others to do the same. 

Your soul will often call you to step forward in courageous ways to share your gifts. Watch this interview with Jo to discover many ways you can support yourself on that brave journey. 

Jo shares:
  • What happens the more you say yes to your Soul and the impact this has on your visibility. 
  • How to tell when it's the voice of your soul speaking to you, or some other trickster!
  • The power of vibration medicine - essences & poems - to help you shift your energy and tap into your inner knowing.

Jo is a graduate of my Magnetic Presence program, and I love how deep she goes with the vibrational medicine of poetry to help you shift your energy and step into your fullness.

Jo is a Vibrational Essence practitioner...
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Sourced™ Visibility with Darla LeDoux


If, like me, you desire to share your gifts in ways that feel deeply aligned with your soul ...

but find yourself undercharging, overdelivering and feeling heavy about your transformational business ...

I'm excited to offer a deep dive conversation about this with an amazing human being.

Darla LeDoux truly embodies and teaches aligned transformational business in a way that I looked for (but couldn't find) for years!

Darla is a transformational business coach, author of Shift the Field, and founder of Sourced™. She’s a recognised coaching industry leader, featured on many platforms. Her companies have generated millions in revenue, selling transformation first, strategy second.

As my business mentor and Sourced Leader teacher, my life and business have realigned on deep levels in the 6 months since I committed to working with Darla.

I've learned to trust my magic, work lighter and offer even deeper transformation.

I loved how deep our conversation went! Watch now to...

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Becoming a Transformation Maestro


Do you beat yourself up for still having 'stuff' - painful reactions, fear, trauma, repeating patterns, resistance?

I often see this with my clients and peers in the transformation community.

Just how much we judge ourselves or feel like a fraud for 'having to' engage in our own personal process of transformation. 

I want to share a different perspective here ...

... to disrupt what can be a toxic norm in the transformation community ...

... that may cause you to hold back until you are somehow perfect and beyond reproach. 

When you watch a master practitioner like a concert violinist in action, you only see the end result.

You don't see the 10,000 hours of committed practice that created that one magical moment.

You become a master of transformation through the same step-by-step process.

How many years have you been engaged in a path of personal growth?

How much time, energy and money have you invested in it? 


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The Deep Roots of Visibility Blocks


I sat at my laptop, my mind utterly blank. Like I was suddenly surrounded by thick fog.

Aargh! I knew what I wanted to say. Why was my brain frozen? Why was there a tight fist in my solar plexus?

Distractions called to me. YouTube. Facebook. Clean the toilet. Let’s do that now. Anything to get away.

The Frozen One shows up in many ways.

If you struggle with next-level visibility, there's a reason it's hard.

It’s not just you. It’s not just me. It’s all of us. 

Have you asked yourself:
'Why do I have so much resistance to stepping boldly forward to share my deepest wisdom? I know I have a calling. I sense my purpose. The world would be a better place if more people knew what I know.' 

I have. Many times. 

What I've discovered is that visibility blocks exist on many levels - personal, collective, ancestral and soul levels. 

You may have done deep work on the personal level - with your limiting beliefs, painful past experiences, your...

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Resistance or Divine Timing?


Everything has its season. A time to rest and a time to play. 

How do you know when you are in resistance and when you are aligned with your own unique rhythm - your divine timing?

You may resist resting, trying to push through even though your energy is depleted and needs renewal. 

You may resist playing full out - taking inspired action to step forward, take risks and connect. 

How can you trust your own timing - not pushing and not holding back? 

Watch this video to:

  • Understand the value of fully embracing each season of your inner cycle, so you can harness its gifts for potent creation. 
  • Discover the unhealthy ways you may be flipping between pushing and stagnation, rather than aligning with your divine timing. 
  • Learn how to recognise your resistance and shift your habits of hiding or striving into habits of shining. 

Need some help with aligning your next-level visibility? Book a Visibility Breakthrough Session chat with me today - click...

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Finding Your Sources of Power


How often do you plug into your sources of power?

When you are disconnected from the sources that light you up, it's hard to find your flow.

Voices of doubt creep in. Fears take over and your habits of hiding have the upper hand.

You may find your distracting, procrastinating, getting off track - especially when you are wanting to step into your next level of visibility.

In this video, I talk about the habits of shining! The things that light you up, fill you up, nourish you and bring you back to your most resourceful self.

Discover your most potent sources of power and strengthen your connection with the deep well of joy, wisdom and resilience they provide.

Watch this video to:

  • Get clear on the various sources of your power
  • Understand how essential they are to supporting you to show up as a visionary leader
  • Identify which of your sources need to be valued and cultivated so you can show up with light-hearted ease.

This training took place inside my free Visibility for...

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Shining Your Essence


For me, visibility is all about connection. Connection to your self, to Source and, from there, connection to others. 

If you are struggling with visibility, there are two ways to shift your energy. 

One is by going to the root of the pattern. Clearing your visibility blocks. 

The other is by stepping into the new energy. What I call embodying your visibility superpowers. 

Identifying your unique essence qualities is a powerful way to step into and embody your new energy.

Your essence is the part of you that's present without you doing anything. It's what others receive from your presence without any effort on your part.

It's your natural and most precious gift. We often overlook the value of our essence precisely because it comes so easily to us.

Seeing your essence qualities clearly helps you to feel fully expressed as who you truly are. Not as who you think you should be. 

It helps you let go of seeking approval, or comparing yourself to...

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Generating Your Own Safety


You can’t fake safety. (I can’t anyway.) 

My energy freezes. 

Protective behaviours kick in. Mindless browsing. Chocolate. Easy distractions. 

The contraction takes me into my head. Confusion clouds my clarity. I doubt myself and my next steps. 

It's hard to feel my flow, where my energy wants to take me. 

Pushing through mostly doesn't work (for me). 

What shakes your foundations of safety?

This year I've been faced with 3 close family members going on unexpected cancer journeys.  Encountering evidence of darkness in our world that shook me to my core. Feeling like Neo in The Matrix waking up after taking the red pill. 

To keep showing up through life's challenges, especially as a shy, sensitive person, I've had to learn how to generate my own safety. 

This helps me (and my clients) to melt the frozenness and create visibility flow!

Watch this video to:

  • Understand the power of taking...
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Calling in The Ones


Energy never lies.

It's easy to be doing 'all the things' to attract people, and yet be energetically unavailable (or even repelling them) without knowing it.

How can you become magnetic to your people and truly OPEN to receive those who would love to experience your gifts?

Watch this video to:

  • Discover what full-spectrum visibility is and how you can cultivate it.
  • Understand what you may be doing to energetically repel your people and how you can become magnetic to them.
  • Activate your radiance to transform how you show up.

I also share a powerful poem that created magnetic radiance for a participant in my Magnetic Presence program - and how that enabled her to shine and share her beautiful magic with even more people. 

If you'd love to go even deeper into this topic, join me for the Poetry Breakthrough Experience 5-day challenge! We start Monday 11 October.
Find out more and register here.

This training took place inside my free Visibility for Visionary...

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