Showing Up When You’re Falling Apart


The question I often see my clients and friends struggling with is:

‘How can I invite people into my world when I’m deep in my own process?’

"How can I tell people ‘I can help you with this’, when I’m still struggling with it myself?


If you’re a transformation leader, you walk your talk and do your own inner work.

You may feel tender, exposed and too vulnerable to show up.

You may believe that it’s out of integrity for you to be visible as an expert, when you’re still a work-in-progress on your own growing edge. 

It’s so important for you to know that this isn’t the case at all..


The truth is:

You doing the deep work is you being in integrity

You doing deep work, is you becoming more masterful

Every time you go into the darkness, you bring more light

We are always our own first client - new level, old devil


When you are on your own edge of transformation

  • you transmit an aliveness to your clients - they come into your field and transform. 
  • You can truthfully say ‘I get it’ with tremendous empathy.
  • You are on the same court, actively playing the same game, perhaps a few steps ahead.


Watch this video to:

  • Discover the ways you may be secretly judging yourself for still having ‘stuff’. 
  • Get clear on how your habits of hiding are linked to your own inner process
  • Tap into your devotion to your soul calling and to creating an aligned rhythm that works for you. 


This is a powerful and much needed topic!


It's time to transform the shame around doing deep inner work

It's time to own your mastery and integrity as a transformation leader!  


The path of stepping into visibility with your soul’s calling is not for the faint of heart.

It’s a profound journey of initiation.


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Rionach xo




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