The Poem That Broke Through My Visibility Blocks


What are visibility blocks? And how can a poem break through them on multiple levels? I share my story and how you can do this too.

What often comes up when we go to show up and share our message, is we run into our inner barriers. Our habits of hiding: procrastination, distractions, holding back, feeling paralysed, frozen.

These are visibility blocks.

They are limiting beliefs that exist at a deeper level than your mind, beyond your conscious awareness. They exist in your body, nervous system and energy systems - and drive your behaviours, choices and decisions.


And even if you are very aware of them, they're resistant to change.

But you can’t share your voice in compelling ways on top of a block that it’s not safe to be visible.

You can’t step into being a powerful influencer on top of an old story that you’re not good enough.

You can’t show up in your full aliveness on top of a belief that other people’s needs are higher priority than your own.


Watch this video to discover the poem, and way of working with it, that created a perfect antidote for my visibility blocks around stepping into leadership. And how doing this work melted my blocks and finally got me the CEO role I was ready for.


What I love about working with a poem is that it becomes a companion for life.
The words, the energies, our relationship with that poem, continue to evolve and grow.
It pops up to whisper in our ear when we need it most.

You can step into energy you are called to create next through embodying the right poem for you at this time. Then you create that energy in your life.

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Join the Magnetic Presence Retreat, 21-23 April 2023.

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