Ask Your Body (to make aligned decisions)


Do you find it easy to be in your head and struggle with making aligned or healthy choices? 

Or get overwhelmed with too many options, feeling confused and finding it hard to make any decisions? 

Have you been ‘caught up’ in someone else's certainty, excitement, requests or sales pitches, and end up saying yes and then regretting it later? 

I get it. Been there. Bought the T-shirt. And often much more expensive, but not-quite-aligned purchases and programs!


One of the essential steps on the journey to creating soulful visibility is learning to make soul-aligned decisions, rather than those rooted in your default patterns.

To be clear and consistent in your visibility, you need to get clear on what you are doing first. The more clarity you have, the easier it is to move forward. 

Spinning your wheels by not making decisions is a fast-track route to the bright lights of procrastination city. And another hour (or four) of mindless browsing, binge-watching or faffing around. 


In this video, I share a powerful process of partnering with your body to access your deeper truth. This quick and simple practice will help you to make soul-aligned decisions with greater ease. 


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