Grow Your Capacity for Visibility


How do you grow your capacity for visibility? 

First of all, what is capacity? 

Desire is what you want to experience. 
Capacity is the reality of your physical body.

Desire comes from your heart, my soul, my mind. 
The parts of you that are infinite, mysterious, intangible.

Capacity comes from your body. 
The part of you that needs to eat, sleep, rest, move, hug. 

Desires can also be born from your expectations. 
From what your mind thinks should happen. 


When your desires match your capacity - things happen easily. 
When your desires exceed your capacity - you feel stretched.

When your desire to be seen, known and valued exceeds the capacity in your body,
you may struggle or self-sabotage to save yourself. 


There is a beautiful dance between your desires and your capacity. 

But if you only focus on your desires, and not on growing your capacity ..

… to feel safe, to receive, to accept yourself as you are, to take up more space, to receive more support … 

(What’s on your list?)

... it’s easy to feel confused, disheartened and despondent when things don’t work out. 


In this video, I unpack this and share ways you can focus on growing your capacity right now.

Watch now to 

  • Understand the difference (and dance) between your desires and capacities.
  • Learn how you can grow your capacity for greater visibility.
  • Discover how embodying a poem is a powerful way to grow capacity.


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