Tales from the Unbound Path book

Celebration time! 

In November 2022 I submitted a piece of writing as part of the Unbound Writing Challenge with Nicola Humber, in response to the question: What does it mean to walk an unbound path?

My piece was accepted to become part of a collaborative book, Tales from the Unbound Path, which is now released by The Unbound Press

I’m celebrating becoming a published co-author in my first collaborative book!


My chapter is called Facing The Frozen One and it walks you through my path of healing my ancestral wounds of silencing and persecution. 

How what was passed down from generation to generation wasn’t the collective wisdom of the ages, healing knowledge, natural magic, but the protection strategies needed to keep our children safe.


It also includes my poem, The Frozen One. Here's a short excerpt: 

I am the Frozen One.
I live inside you.
And I am older than you are.
I am the soul cry of your ancestors.
I carry what could not be borne. 


My chapter walks hand-in-hand with 22 other powerful stories of walking an unbound path. Let us take your hand as you unbind from old expectations and remember who you came here to be.

Together we walk each other home.


Tales from the Unbound Path is now available from booksellers near you.

Buy in the UK at Blackwell's.
Buy in the US at Bookshop.org.
Buy in Europe and worldwide at Book Depository.

Read the full poem, The Frozen One here

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