Cultivate Your Soul-full Visibility


Do your visibility activities feel full of soul? Aligned, magical and in flow for you? 

Or does bringing more of your soul into your public-facing messages feel scary for you? 

Are you showing up with as much joy and enthusiasm to share your wisdom with your wider audience as you do when you create your magic or hold space for others? 

To be visible to others, we often have to engage with platforms, structures, tech stuff and conventions of communicating that don’t feel particularly soul-infused! 

How do you hold your centre, stay aligned and walk your own unique, soulful path to sharing your work?


Watch this video to:

❇️ Feel into how grounded in your soul calling your current visibility activities are 

❇️ Get clear on where you are shining or hiding your soul essence 

❇️ Explore just how much ease and flow you have the capacity to receive right now (we can always open to receive more!)


Are you ready to BE MAGNETIC?

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This free 90-minute training will help you get clear on the soul's calling that's knocking on your door right now. 

I'll also be busting 3 core myths around visibility that keep soulful creatives and business owners playing small. 

Conventional approaches often don't work for us. So I'll share the 3 essential pillars of soulful visibility that actually DO work!

Register here for BE MAGNETIC on Wednesday 21 September 2022. (Equinox Magic! 💫)

I look forward to seeing you there.

With love,

Rionach xo


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