Grow your magnetic visibility

Shining Your Essence

For me, visibility is all about connection. Connection to your self, to Source and, from there, connection to others. 

If you are struggling...

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Generating Your Own Safety

You can’t fake safety. (I can’t anyway.) 

My energy freezes. 

Protective behaviours kick in. Mindless browsing....

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Calling in The Ones

Energy never lies.

It's easy to be doing 'all the things' to attract people, and yet be energetically unavailable (or even repelling them) without...

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Where Spirit Meets the Bone

Do you ever feel frozen, as through you can't move forward? 

Lost in a freezing fog of paralysis where every step feels like wading through a...

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Amplify Your Joyful Voice with Lynn Hord

Meet the midwife behind my magic!

I'm so excited to introduce you to Lynn Hord, my business mentor and alignment genie. She has a special gift for...

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Being a Sacred Rebel

‘For the rebels and the misfits, the black sheep and the outsiders. For the refugees, the orphans, the scapegoats, and the weirdos. For the...

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Reclaiming Your Roots to Sing Your Soul with Sundri

Music heals, lifts & inspires us. So does poetry.

What’s your favourite song or poem that lifts you up when you need it? 


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Living Aligned with your Deeper Truth

Our soul whispers to us daily.

Learning to listen is our life’s work.

What does it feel like when you’re living aligned with that...

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Activate Your Abundance with Lara Waldman

Let’s talk about money.

I just had my best ever month in my business! 

And touched the hearts of more people than ever before with my...

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Hold Your Own

There’s a push-pull that happens when we put ourselves out there in new ways. 

I want to be seen. I want to feel safe. 
I want to...

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Woohoo! Breakthrough!! Now what?

Woohoo! Breakthrough!! Now what?

Ever experienced this?

If (like me) you love transformation you may know this cycle.

You go deep. You see the old...

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Please tell me what to do!

Are holy
And sacred
And utterly unique.
There are gifts you were born to give.
Songs you were born to sing
Stories you were born to tell.
And if you...

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