Secrets to growing yourself visible from the inside out

Inviting People Into Your World


Three years ago I really struggled to charge money for my coaching. Squirmy, sticky resistance created avoidance and procrastination.

My heart ached to devote my energies to facilitating deep transformation. My soul woke me nightly with its urgent whispers. 

At the time, I was still a respectable non-profit CEO. I gave national presentations, was featured in local media, met with leaders, politicians and dignitaries. Leading my team of 100 staff and volunteers, together we supported thousands of disadvantaged people each year. 

I was deeply reluctant to come out publicly as a spiritual person. I didn’t want to come across as flaky. 

I was hiding. Scared of what people would think. Afraid of being judged, dismissed, ridiculed. 

For years I’d been a very successful chameleon. Shape-shifting into what I thought others wanted from me. I did it brilliantly. 

But something had to give. 

Take an ax to the prison wall.
Walk out like...

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Finding Your Own Voice


No amount of marketing strategies or social media plans will help you find your own voice.

The one that lights you up.
The one that inspires people to lean in and listen.
The one that connects you to the impact you are here to make.

This is my growing edge.

When I share poetry it lights me up like a Christmas tree.
People tell me they could listen to me speak poetry all day.

Poetry gave me the courage to finally speak in front of audiences.
The resolve to break through my terror of being visible, so I could share this soul medicine.
It helped me find my own voice and discover my leadership destiny.

In magical ways I could not have expected.

What about you? Do you feel deeply connected to your own voice?

I'd love to invite you to join me for this experience.

Because I'm thrilled to have finally found a way to join my passion for poetry and helping you to powerfully share your message.

This beginning is scary and vulnerable for me. 

I don’t see anyone else doing this.


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Clearing the Fear of What Others Think


Do you censor yourself for fear of being judged? 

Do you play small because of how others might react if you expressed yourself more fully?

Do you often imagine what others might be thinking about you?

We are wired for belonging. So it’s not a huge surprise that one of our biggest fears about stepping into greater visibility is the fear of what others will think. 

Fear of rejection. Fear of being judged. Fear of not being liked. Fear of criticism. Fear of being seen as crazy. Fear of isolation. Fear of negative opinions.

It feels terribly exposing. Even in your imagination. 

These fears lead us to hold back, procrastinate, feel frozen, play small, not share the real stuff, stay stuck in habits of hiding, protect ourselves, stay safe. 

What’s your experience around this? 

Imagine a world where the heart-centred, sensitive ones, those who can imagine better ways of doing things, felt confident to share their wisdom and vision. 

What difference...

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Self-care for Visibility


I felt stretched and thin, like butter scraped across too much bread. 

A tight fist of tension had pushed its way under my ribs. 

In place of joy when preparing for my next call, I felt a dark shadow of dread. 

We are living through a trauma right now. 

And many of us, myself included, are also dealing with our own private griefs. 

In the past week, I’ve spoken with many in my community who are struggling. 

Brilliant, conscious people who know how to self-care … 

… are navigating intense inner conflict, anger, despair, disconnection, loneliness, anxiety.  

It’s easy to shrink into our self-protective bubbles. To feel isolated, abandoned, constrained.

We’ve been through a long dark period. 

As we move into spring, how can we honour our urge to re-emerge when our resources have been so stretched and depleted over the past year?

How do we show up for others when we are struggling ourselves?  


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Overcome Overwhelm and Find Your Flow


I’ve always been seen as someone who’s super-productive.

But inside I’ve often felt like an octopus on roller-skates, trying to hold everything with my energy scattered in too many directions. 

How are you at getting stuff done? Everything under control? Or frequently overwhelmed by All The Things you have to do?

One of the big traps of our ‘Not Enough’ voice is how it tempts us into over-committing and unrealistic planning - which just reinforces the belief that we’re not good enough! 

I tried so many strategies. I honestly thought I was a hopeless case.

And then I met someone who helped me change all that. (Seriously. This woman has superpowers.)

Louise Miller’s kind yet clear approach to productivity is a breath of fresh air that helped me drop the struggle and find my flow.

I’m now less prone to over-planning, have learnt to feel into my priorities each day and know how to focus on The One Thing to get shizzle done. Which...

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Overcoming Your 'Not Enough' Voice


Do you know that sinking feeling when you realise that there’s something you said you’d do, but you haven’t? 

It’s snowing a proper blizzard where I now live in the Netherlands. 

Coldest snap in 10 years. Minus 8 Celsius, with minus 14 on the way. Brrr!

So when my beloved asked how we can adjust the heating so we don’t freeze overnight … yup, my heart sank right into my belly. 

(We have non-traditional roles - he cooks, I put the trash out. Works for us. :-)

I’d hadn’t yet translated the heating manual from 60-pages of technical Dutch to English. Whoops. 

Two seconds before he stuck his head around the door to ask a simple question, I joyfully felt I was rocking life. 

I was up-to-date with my ‘vision-planning’. I’d just knocked off some tasks that had been lurking for a while. I’d also made chocolate, tidied and enjoyed some chill-out time. 

So I really noticed that inner voice...

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From Seed to Sprout: grow your vision into reality


How are the seeds of your precious vision coming along now the excitement of the New Year has faded?

The first week of February marks Imbolc, the Celtic festival marking the turning of the year from winter to spring. It’s the mid-point between winter solstice and spring equinox, when seeds begin to sprout and the first flowers arrive. 

Each seed must break free from its shell and push through cold hard ground before it reaches the nourishing energy of daylight.

It’s a fragile time for new visions.

It's normal to hit resistance and lose energy as we stretch beyond our comfort zones. 

Now is the time to reconnect with your vision and engage with your resistance ...

... in ways that deepen your devotion to the change you know you long to create in your life (and for our world). 

In this video you will ...

  Reconnect with the powerful ‘why’ of your vision to source the energy you need to take each next step

  Engage with the part...

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Dealing with Disagreement when expressing your truth


So, I've been hearing from lots of folk lately that they’re struggling with other people’s reactions when they share their opinion, personal experience or truth. It can be really painful.

How has this impacted you? And how have you dealt with it?

We’re living in charged times. It’s easy to stay silent or feel silenced.

But if your message is challenging conventional views - in any way, on any topic - and you’re bumping into this or holding back for fear of it, this video training is just for you.

How do you deal with different views when sharing your message?

How do you handle triggers and heightened emotions - including your own?

Most importantly, how do you communicate in ways that deepen connection and amplify your influence, rather than intensify difference and insecurity.

Watch this video to:

Receive powerful tools for releasing projections and re-establishing safety

Expand your capacity to stay in your power, while holding space for...

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Grow Your Resilience to thrive in times of turmoil


Have you been feeling rocked by the waves of our tempestuous times recently? 

How is that impacting your ability to show up, share your message, care for your loved ones or thrive in your life?

I get it. 

I needed to go super deep last year when uprooting my entire life and moving to another country. During wave after wave of uncertainty and restrictions.

I'll be honest. It was tough at times. 

So in this video, I'm sharing some of my personal practices that got me through - and made me stronger.

In this deep dive training you will:

  • Experience a grounding practice to create deep stability when needed. 
  • Connect with your vulnerable parts from a place of power.
  • Open to connect with a network that can hold a safe, high vibe space.  

Let me know what you've struggled with most, and what you've learned. I'd love to hear from you. 

This was offered as a live training my my Facebook group - Visibility for Visionary Leaders.

Most Tuesdays...

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Speaking up in turbulent times

There was an awkward silence between us. This conversation was not going well. 

We’d been here before. 

For him, information in the mainstream media could not be trusted. It was all censorship and lies. 

For me, many alternative information sources seemed wild, reactive, contradictory. I couldn’t join the dots. 

These disagreements hurt my heart, rocked my reality and triggered my insecurity. 

At a time when the world was imploding. When insecurity around health, travel, income, equalities and everyday freedoms was skyrocketing. (And when I was uprooting my home to move to another country)

Distressing splits between loved ones and cherished communities were accelerating.

Have you noticed yourself holding back, hiding your voice and wisdom ...
… because you didn’t know what to say? 
… because you didn’t want to add to the tensions?
… because you felt overwhelmed by all the noise?

I have. 


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