Activate Your Abundance with Lara Waldman


Let’s talk about money.

I just had my best ever month in my business! 

And touched the hearts of more people than ever before with my free FB group experience. 

Abundance and impact go hand-in-hand.

And yet, I speak to so many people who can’t afford to invest in the support they need to step into the next level of their impact.

Which is why I’m so happy to introduce you to my pal, the Abundance Activator Lara Waldman.

Lara goes super deep to heal and transform the ancient roots and modern myths relating to abundance.

She so often says or writes deep insights that name my own lived experience of the deep journey of transformation. And vice versa!

Money blocks can be some of the biggest visibility blocks. And vice versa.

I had to do so much deep work on my ability to receive abundance in order to grow my visibility. And that applies at each next-level leap.

How about you? What could you do in your life and your business if you transformed your abundance blocks?

What desires could you fulfil?
What support would you love to receive?
How might this ignite the impact you would love to create in the world?

Watch this Visionary Voices Deep Dive interview with Lara Waldman where we explore:

  • Lara’s own journey of overcoming her visibility fears to activate her abundance.
  • The link between abundance blocks and visibility blocks.
  • The deep personal and collective nature of these fears and what works to transform them.
Lara's the author of Money Manifestation Mastery and holds a powerful healing presence. This interview created powerful shifts in me just from our conversation.
If you'd love to make good money, charging what you're worth, working with ideal clients and say no to work that drains you …
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  • Break through visibility blocks that keep you playing small.
  • Access your ability to embody your essence and speak from your soul.
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