Resistance or Divine Timing?


Everything has its season. A time to rest and a time to play. 

How do you know when you are in resistance and when you are aligned with your own unique rhythm - your divine timing?

You may resist resting, trying to push through even though your energy is depleted and needs renewal. 

You may resist playing full out - taking inspired action to step forward, take risks and connect. 

How can you trust your own timing - not pushing and not holding back? 

Watch this video to:

  • Understand the value of fully embracing each season of your inner cycle, so you can harness its gifts for potent creation. 
  • Discover the unhealthy ways you may be flipping between pushing and stagnation, rather than aligning with your divine timing. 
  • Learn how to recognise your resistance and shift your habits of hiding or striving into habits of shining. 

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