Reclaiming Your Roots to Sing Your Soul with Sundri


Music heals, lifts & inspires us. So does poetry.

What’s your favourite song or poem that lifts you up when you need it? 

I’m thrilled to be in conversation with an incredible artist who’s dedicated her life to creating music that heals and uplifts. And discovered her own path to freedom in the process. 

Sundri, lead singer of Sundri Feeling from Reunion Island, will share how she explored her multicultural heritage to touch deep ancestral wounds and transform them into light, love and soulful songs.

I first connected with Sundri in 2014 through my Poetry Alchemy for Our Times interview series. As a songwriter, she’s a true lyrical and musical alchemist and this process informed her own journey into visibility from shy child to international performer.

This year, I was so inspired by the universal wisdom in her song Roots that I just had to share her profound magic with you.

Watch this video to:

  • Be inspired by Sundri’s journey from a shy, silent child to performing on stage all over the world.
  • Discover Sundri’s deep process to reclaim her roots so she can share her soulful voice.
  • Learn how to honour our collective ancestors to recover their strength, courage, love and talents.

And make sure not to miss the amazing lyrics to her new song, World Class Women, she shares as a poem. (36 minutes in)  

'Beyond the wounds, we are women.
World class women in the wind.' 

It's SO inspiring and blew us all away! Definitely an anthem for women around the world in the 21st century.

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