Being a Sacred Rebel


‘For the rebels and the misfits, the black sheep and the outsiders. For the refugees, the orphans, the scapegoats, and the weirdos. For the uprooted, the abandoned, the shunned and invisible ones.

May you recognize with increasing vividness that you know what you know.

May you give up your allegiances to self-doubt, meekness, and hesitation.

May you be willing to be unlikeable, and in the process be utterly loved.

May you be impervious to the wrongful projections of others, and may you deliver your disagreements with precision and grace.

May you see, with the consummate clarity of nature moving through you, that your voice is not only necessary, but desperately needed to sing us out of this muddle.

May you feel shored up, supported, entwined, and reassured as you offer yourself and your gifts to the world.

May you know for certain that even as you stand by yourself, you are not alone.’

Toko-pa Turner, from Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home

Do you feel called to make a difference in the world?

Yet find that standing up and actually being seen as different is terrifying at times.

The pull to belong is a core human need.

We can feel very torn between fitting in and being true to ourselves.

Sometimes a sense of not belonging means that you are a leader, ahead of your time. Here to birth a better future.

In this video I share poems, stories and a process to ignite your sacred rebel to bring the change you yearn to see in the world. 

It’s the sacred rebels of the world that evolve our humanity. 

In this session you will...

  • Discover what Sacred Rebels are and how they change the world.
  • Experience a powerful process to ignite your heartfelt rebel vision.
  • Learn how to amplify support for your sacred vision. 

If you need support with getting your Sacred Rebel message out into the world, let’s chat.

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