Living Aligned with your Deeper Truth


Our soul whispers to us daily.

Learning to listen is our life’s work.

What does it feel like when you’re living aligned with that voice?

And what does it feel like when you’re not?

For me, it felt like a dull ache in my heart.
A quiet, inconsolable sadness.
Waking at 4am feeling off track.
A sense of daily dread for no tangible reason.
At times it showed up as burn out, exhaustion.
Deep disappointment in life.
Reaching success that brought no fulfilment.

And the times I did feel aligned with it, it seemed like miracles.
Finding my soulmate.
Creating a sacred marriage ceremony.
Manifesting my dream home (twice!).
Feeling incredibly blessed by my friends and community.
Creating amazing work where I’m on purpose and making my difference.
Experiencing magical synchronicities and flow.

These synchronicities recently brought me together with an amazing group of people who’ve been on similar magical journeys.

And we felt called to share our experience and what we’ve discovered with you.

Each one of these incredible women has so much wisdom to share:
~ Ann Becks discovered through hundreds of end-of-life conversations that we have no treatment for the pain of dying with regret.
~ Marilyn Sutherland finally found true love in mid-life and teaches us how to open our hearts to love.
~ Kelly Myszkowski followed her soul whispers to relinquish her corporate career and find her purpose.

Each one dedicated her life to helping people live in alignment with our deeper truth.

Watch our panel discussion video to help you discover:

  • What does it mean to live aligned with your deeper truth?
  • What does look like when you are not and what becomes possible when you do?
  • How do you actually go about doing this?

These inspiring women share incredible stories along with tips and practical strategies on how to deepen into greater alignment in your life.

Would you like to go deeper?

Kelly Myszkowski is a Certified Transformational Coach who coaches mature, professional women to sync naturally with their Inner Wisdom, let go of what no longer serves them, embody their TRUTH, and make their YOU-nique difference in the world. On-Purpose. No regrets. Get Kelly’s Sync with Your Creative Soul-FULL Self guided session to help you find your next steps here.

Ann Becks is an Empowerment Coach who shifted from an overwhelmed driven medical professional to living life as a fun adventure, leading from her deep inner truth. She now coaches other high achieving women to connect with their own inner compass and transform their lives from surviving to thriving. Book a complimentary call with Ann to explore what’s possible for you. 

Marilyn Sutherland is the founder of Love Lead Connect Coaching, training people to have powerful, sustaining relationships in every area of life. She is the author of the bestselling relationship book, Why did you load the dishwasher like that? 9 Whopping Mistakes that Push Love Away. Access Marilyn’s powerful self-love exercise when you join her community

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