Shining Your Essence


For me, visibility is all about connection. Connection to your self, to Source and, from there, connection to others. 

If you are struggling with visibility, there are two ways to shift your energy. 

One is by going to the root of the pattern. Clearing your visibility blocks. 

The other is by stepping into the new energy. What I call embodying your visibility superpowers. 

Identifying your unique essence qualities is a powerful way to step into and embody your new energy.

Your essence is the part of you that's present without you doing anything. It's what others receive from your presence without any effort on your part.

It's your natural and most precious gift. We often overlook the value of our essence precisely because it comes so easily to us.

Seeing your essence qualities clearly helps you to feel fully expressed as who you truly are. Not as who you think you should be. 

It helps you let go of seeking approval, or comparing yourself to others, to expressing your gifts, expressing your talents. 

It gives you the confidence to take up space and shine your radiance. 

Watch this video to ...
  • Discover different way to get clear on your essence qualities.
  • Learn the difference it can make to your confidence to shine when you do.

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