Hold Your Own


There’s a push-pull that happens when we put ourselves out there in new ways. 

I want to be seen. I want to feel safe. 
I want to reach people. I’m afraid of being attacked, criticised, ridiculed.
I want to create a successful launch. What if I fail, look like a fool, feel the sting of disappointment?

Revealing the real you can feel intensely exposing. 

Often what shows up instead is procrastination. Brain fog. Paralysis. Perfectionism. Distraction. Chasing shiny objects. Caught up in other’s dramas. 

When I help clients get present to what’s underneath, they discover that they’re unconsciously keeping people out to stay safe. 

Very frustrating when they’re investing so much energy in attracting people without the results they need. 

Energy doesn’t lie. You can’t force this. 

If you’re bringing transformation, you need to be willing to bring people into your energy field. The right people for you. Not everyone. 

They need to feel you. Trust you. Feel safe with you. 

If you’re struggling with mixed feelings around inviting others into your field ...

you may be energetically repelling them, rather than magnetically attracting them. 

I get it. I’ve moved through this as I reach out to more people to launch my new challenge. 

I’ve been walking many of my clients through this. 

When you hold a safe space for your scared parts without letting them drive the bus ... 

When you hold your boundaries cleanly so you allow in the right people and keep out the naysayers …

When you hold open a clear space for the gifts that want to flow through you in magical ways …

You hold your own in the world.

You step into who you are as a visionary leader.  

Watch this video to: 

  • Get connected to how your energy is currently operating to attract or repel your people (without any judgement)
  • Get clear on your vision of who and how many you would love to attract
  • Explore how you can adjust your energy field to BOTH feel safer and be more open to the right people

This session was delivered live in my Visibility for Visionary Leaders Facebook group. Here's some feedback from participants:

Great insight. I didn't realise how threatened I feel and intruded upon. I see myself now reading my book to a circle of enchanted readers.

Wow, that was great! I felt 20 clients, then I felt my energy field shrink. But then I saw a sunny garden and I was in a circle of people in the garden. It was a lovely vision - I will use it as my new 'safe space'.

How do you shift your energy? Return to presence, grounded, centred and ready to shine? Hold your own when you're called to expand? 

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