5 days to ignite your visibility

During our free online immersion you will discover:

  • Day 1 - The #1 mistake that stops you stepping into your own spotlight
  • Day 2 - How poetry helps you bust through your visibility blocks 
  • Day 3 - Why mindset is not enough to create a visibility breakthrough 
  • Day 4 - What truly stops you from consistently showing up for your tribe 
  • Day 5 - How to ignite next-level visibility and become unstoppable 

Daily at 12.30pm London / 13.30 Amsterdam / 7.30am New York.

Join me to experience how poetry alchemy activates your magnetic presence so you can share your valuable wisdom.

Monday 21 to Friday 25 June

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Hi! I'm Rionach Aiken, your guide for this experience. I'm a deep-dive Visibility Mentor and Poetry Alchemist. I overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a successful CEO, transformational coach and poetry speaker.

I've embodied many poems that changed my life, and supported others to do the same. Since 2008 I've worked deeply with transformational poetry, including 6 years training with Kim Rosen, author of Saved by a Poem.

A poem catapulted me into visibility as a CEO. Embodying Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman ignited my magnetic presence and enabled me to take up space as a leader.

Now I unlock the voices of soulful business owners and creatives so you can share your magic and message through creating magnetic connection with your audience.

Join me for this powerful free online experience to align your visibility activities with your visionary depths, so you can make the difference you came here to make.
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Lisa Ulmer

I had an amazing journey with the poem. It’s like having a friend. Rionach suggested speaking the poem softly, as if to myself, and to fall into the pauses. This created a breakthrough for me. Taking my time gave my body permission to slow down. It blew my heart open. Allowing spaciousness between the words allowed the poem to create a space for my experience. I’d no idea that words could have such medicine! When later I read a poem in front of 40 people, I was comfortable, made eye contact and felt they were truly with me.

Liadain Aiken

The journey of embodying a poem with Rionach is a beautiful one. The poems she suggested all hit a cord, but one pulled on my heart strings. I stumbled over the words initially, then got to know them intimately. Finally, I could step into the comforting world I created around each verse. I recited the poem while cycling to work. I knew it by heart. Then I recited it to a circle of 50 people, turning around to look at each one of them, tears in all our eyes. It was a magical moment of vulnerability and strength, of connection and love.

Margaret Clarke

Working with Rionach was such a rich experience. I appreciated immensely her extensive knowledge of poetry and her capacity to guide me to the poem that carried the “gift” being sought. She offers a spacious yet safe container in which to meet with open aliveness whatever is revealed in journeying with poetry, a landscape she clearly knows herself by heart. This enriched my relationship with myself, others and the world around me. I came away with more than I could have imagined.

Kim Budge

I love Rionach's heart-centred way of using poetry to encourage you to explore your dreams and step into your visibility. She finds poems that magically speak to your soul. I chose the one that resonated most and Rionach held a deep, safe space for me to work through it. Each session deepened into more wisdom, helping me to unravel my dreams and gifts. I was inspired to love poetry and start writing my own, a wonderful gift.

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