Finding Your Sources of Power


How often do you plug into your sources of power?

When you are disconnected from the sources that light you up, it's hard to find your flow.

Voices of doubt creep in. Fears take over and your habits of hiding have the upper hand.

You may find your distracting, procrastinating, getting off track - especially when you are wanting to step into your next level of visibility.

In this video, I talk about the habits of shining! The things that light you up, fill you up, nourish you and bring you back to your most resourceful self.

Discover your most potent sources of power and strengthen your connection with the deep well of joy, wisdom and resilience they provide.

Watch this video to:

  • Get clear on the various sources of your power
  • Understand how essential they are to supporting you to show up as a visionary leader
  • Identify which of your sources need to be valued and cultivated so you can show up with light-hearted ease.

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