Grow your magnetic visibility

Create Your Visibility Breakthrough

Are you ready to step into the next level of your visibility? 

Is it time to create a project or platform to share your wisdom with those who...

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Who Am I? Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

If you often have thoughts of …

"I got lucky." 
"I don't belong here." 
"I'm a fraud, and they’re going to find out." 

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Creating Magic Boxes

Do you dance between creating from an inspired flow and using structured planning for focus and consistency? 

How can you bring those two...

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What's in Season?

How do you choose where to focus your energies, so that you feel deeply aligned with what to create next?  

Trying to grow flowers in...

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Finding Your Bold Voice

Walking the path of becoming a visionary leader is not for the faint-hearted.

It's a fierce journey that requires you to go deep. To share your...

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Facing the Frozen One
In this Visionary Voices Poetry Dive, I offer a poetry activation to go deep into the energy of my poem The Frozen One.
This is a tender...
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Saying YES to your Soul with Jo Dyer
What does it take to say YES to your soul? 

And how do you know your soul's voice when you hear it? 

My interview guest, Jo Dyer, has...

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Sourced™ Visibility with Darla LeDoux

If, like me, you desire to share your gifts in ways that feel deeply aligned with your soul ...

but find yourself undercharging, overdelivering and...

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Becoming a Transformation Maestro

Do you beat yourself up for still having 'stuff' - painful reactions, fear, trauma, repeating patterns, resistance?

I often see this with my...

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The Deep Roots of Visibility Blocks

I sat at my laptop, my mind utterly blank. Like I was suddenly surrounded by thick fog.

Aargh! I knew what I wanted to say. Why was my brain...

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Resistance or Divine Timing?

Everything has its season. A time to rest and a time to play. 

How do you know when you are in resistance and when you are aligned with your...

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Finding Your Sources of Power

How often do you plug into your sources of power?

When you are disconnected from the sources that light you up, it's hard to find your flow.


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