Saying YES to your Soul with Jo Dyer

What does it take to say YES to your soul? 

And how do you know your soul's voice when you hear it? 

My interview guest, Jo Dyer, has followed those 'yeses' through many twists and unexpected turns in her life. And helps others to do the same. 

Your soul will often call you to step forward in courageous ways to share your gifts. Watch this interview with Jo to discover many ways you can support yourself on that brave journey. 

Jo shares:
  • What happens the more you say yes to your Soul and the impact this has on your visibility. 
  • How to tell when it's the voice of your soul speaking to you, or some other trickster!
  • The power of vibration medicine - essences & poems - to help you shift your energy and tap into your inner knowing.

Jo is a graduate of my Magnetic Presence program, and I love how deep she goes with the vibrational medicine of poetry to help you shift your energy and step into your fullness.

Jo is a Vibrational Essence practitioner who helps you to say YES to your Soul - even when you feel like hiding and saying NO. In our interview she shares a few poems from her new book - Heart Balm: Whispers and Word Potions - a unique collection of poems and vibrational medicine that takes your heart on a healing journey. 

Heart Balm is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other good booksellers. 

You can get a signed copy and free beautiful print of the title poem, 'Heart Balm', by ordering directly from Jo here.  

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