Becoming a Transformation Maestro


Do you beat yourself up for still having 'stuff' - painful reactions, fear, trauma, repeating patterns, resistance?

I often see this with my clients and peers in the transformation community.

Just how much we judge ourselves or feel like a fraud for 'having to' engage in our own personal process of transformation. 

I want to share a different perspective here ...

... to disrupt what can be a toxic norm in the transformation community ...

... that may cause you to hold back until you are somehow perfect and beyond reproach. 

When you watch a master practitioner like a concert violinist in action, you only see the end result.

You don't see the 10,000 hours of committed practice that created that one magical moment.

You become a master of transformation through the same step-by-step process.

How many years have you been engaged in a path of personal growth?

How much time, energy and money have you invested in it? 

How has it allowed you to bring a transformative influence to your world? 

And where have you judged yourself or hidden for doing the very thing that gives you such wisdom and power? 

Your commitment to your personal transformation is a potent gift for our world

It’s time to embrace it, not resist it. 

To celebrate it, not judge it. 

Share it, not hide it. 

Value it, not charge less because you’re not fully 'realised'.

What if enlightenment in our time is engaging in collective transformation through your own personal practice?

You are transforming more than yourself.

Watch this video to: 

  • Recognise the practices you already do that grow your mastery as a transformational leader.
  • Discover where you may be judging yourself for the very practice that gives you tremendous transformational power
  • Notice where you may be holding yourself back instead of stepping forward to give your gifts. 

It's time to change this old story. 

Be proud of the transformation maestro you are and share your depth to guide those who need you. 

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