The Deep Roots of Visibility Blocks


I sat at my laptop, my mind utterly blank. Like I was suddenly surrounded by thick fog.

Aargh! I knew what I wanted to say. Why was my brain frozen? Why was there a tight fist in my solar plexus?

Distractions called to me. YouTube. Facebook. Clean the toilet. Let’s do that now. Anything to get away.

The Frozen One shows up in many ways.

If you struggle with next-level visibility, there's a reason it's hard.

It’s not just you. It’s not just me. It’s all of us. 

Have you asked yourself:
'Why do I have so much resistance to stepping boldly forward to share my deepest wisdom? I know I have a calling. I sense my purpose. The world would be a better place if more people knew what I know.' 

I have. Many times. 

What I've discovered is that visibility blocks exist on many levels - personal, collective, ancestral and soul levels. 

You may have done deep work on the personal level - with your limiting beliefs, painful past experiences, your wounded inner child. 

This is really important work to do.

And yet, your visibility blocks are older than you are.

They've been handed down through generations. From your mother's line and your father's.

Visibility blocks are collective - they are in your culture, your history, our society. 

They can exist in your soul memory, imprints from other existences. 

Visibility blocks are scars from trauma whose roots have been lost from memory. But their ghosts persist inside us. 

They are in your cells, your DNA, your energy field.

In this video I share ...

  • The deep ancient roots of visibility blocks and the impact these hidden wounds can have.
  • What shifts for you when you can hold space to heal these wounds.
  • Powerful tools for holding a safe space for your wounds and your wisdom to surface.

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