Who Am I? Dealing with Imposter Syndrome


If you often have thoughts of …

"I got lucky." 
"I don't belong here." 
"I'm a fraud, and they’re going to find out." 
“Oh, it was nothing.” 
“I’m so far from perfect.”

… then you may be in the 70% of people who suffer from Imposter Syndrome. 

Do you finding yourself wondering: Who am I to … 

  • Offer this work? 
  • Talk about this subject? 
  • Be visible in this way?
  • Put myself out there?
  • Ask people to listen to me? 
  • Ask to be paid at this level? 

This is one of the big visibility challenges and comes up a lot for people in my community.

These feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy have a big impact. You may find yourself hiding, holding back, freezing when you want to take action.

It can cause you to over-give, undercharge, over-plan and stay stuck in perfectionism. And your dream of making a difference may feel heavy, instead of light, easy and joyful.

Watch this video to:

  • Understand what imposter syndrome is and why it stops you revealing your true gifts
  • Explore the energy of the question ‘Who Am I?’ from a whole new angle
  • Activate your visibility superpowers so you can step forward and share your wisdom

When you reframe that tired old 'Who Am I?' voice of doubt, you'll know how to respond with confidence in your skills and connection to your very essence.

"Who am I? I am the one who ..."

  • holds space, sees others, brings joy, activates courage
  • has spent many years honing my skills
  • is totally committed to investing in my growth
  • is a visionary leader creating a better future

What's your version? 

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