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An 8-week experiential program - Spring 2022


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You're a visionary leader ready to visibly stand in your truth and actively call in the clients who are most ready for your wisdom.

I know you’ve been feeling it. That nudge, that persistent yearning that won’t go away. That this is your time - like never before - to step forward, to show up, to be visible.

Old structures are breaking down. There’s space opening up. You know you're here to make a contribution and forge a better future for our world. 

Whilst you feel it in your bones, you know there's a gap between where you are and that future vision that’s calling you forward.

I get it. For years I woke in the early hours with an ache in my heart. Asking myself: What's this longing inviting me into?

Yet my yearning was met by an equal and opposite resistance - holding back, holding on.

What if I’m not good enough? Can I really take up space? What if I’m rejected? Can I really trust myself? What if I fail?

This push-pull is excruciating. The world tells you to stay small, fit in, ignore your dreams. 

What if there is something you came to do, someone you came to be? And it matters.

Taking up space to share your essence and shine your light is the only thing that eases that ache. 

If your journey's anything like mine, you might also be:

  • Caught in habits of hiding - like getting the hit to show up, but getting distracted by busy work instead.
  • Feeling frozen, numb or brain foggy when you go to write, speak or share your next-level message.
  • Bombarded by doubts and critical inner voices over the value of what you feel called to contribute.
  • Holding back from fully committing to your soul work from fear of success as well as fear of failure.
  • Staying safe by signing up for endless freebies and trainings instead of honing your unique offerings.
  • Frustrated that for all your effort, you're not seeing a return on your investments.
  • Finally ready to make a radical commitment to do whatever it takes to embody your visionary leader and live your calling.

Does any of this resonate? If yes, I want to celebrate you. Because what you're experiencing is part of the journey.

Every visionary leader has to go through this fire in order to shine their unique essence.

However, energy never lies.

If your energy is not actually open to your people because of sneaky visibility blocks, you may be energetically repelling them rather than magnetically attracting them.

Even though you're doing All The Things. If you’re not getting results, it’s often an energy issue.

When you embody the energy you need to take your next step, it magically opens your field and you become unmistakably magnetic to your people.

That's exactly why I have a really special invitation for you, so you can relax into your magic and who you came here to be.

Join me inside

MAGNETIC PRESENCE: embody your essence

This 8-week transformational program is designed to help you release your fear and step into your own spotlight, so that you can confidently fill a room with your unique essence and create magnetic connection with those who need to hear your wisdom.

Here's what you can look forward to:

  • Break through visibility blocks that have kept you in hiding for years.
  • Access your ability to embody your essence and speak from your soul.
  • Develop the kind of presence that magically opens up space for deep connection and transformation.
  • Get clear on your next soul-aligned steps for your business.
  • Extend powerful invitations that magnetically attract the right people.
  • Scale your offerings with greater ease.

Why poetry?

Poetry goes super deep and shifts your energy faster than anything I've ever experienced! 

Research proves it rewires your brain, creating new neural pathways.

It rewrites your old stories and activates a new story that's more aligned with your brilliance.

The right poem at the right time opens your heart, amplifies your courage, and plugs you into your soul's voice.

It helps you speak your greatest self into being.

And here’s what happens over the longer term:

  • You stop proving your worth and radiate your unique essence to call in your people.
  • You confidently fill a room with your presence and forge magnetic connection with your listeners.
  • You allow your most potent message to flow through you.
  • You create pindrop moments for your people to experience the transformation you offer.
  • You enjoy invitations to collaborate that amplify your impact with ease.

When this happens we can call into being a world where change-makers feel free to boldly share their visions, birth new ways of being and together we create a better future for our world.

It’s our time! Our world urgently needs new leaders to step up, just like you.

Program Overview

Magnetic Presence is an 8-week live, interactive and experiential online program.

Weekly Sessions: Every Tuesday for 2 hours
1-3pm New York / 6-8pm London / 7-9pm Amsterdam 

Program Starts: To be confirmed
Shine Your Soul Ceremony: Week 7 (3 hours)
Final Session: Week 8

Magnetic Presence - 8-week program


(Includes 21% VAT/BTW)

  • 8 weekly deep-dive interactive Zoom sessions to shift your energy.
  • Paired breakout sessions to deeply embody your poem and be witnessed for the magic you bring.
  • A private Facebook group to share and connect.
  • An intimate group with consistent feedback and support.
  • The transformative experience of speaking your poem in our Shine Your Soul Ceremony
  • Replays available (+ attend live to truly experience this program)

High Value Bonuses:

  • A personal poetry prescription from Rionach to find your perfect poem (€500 value)

  • A video recording of you speaking your poem in our Shine Your Soul Ceremony (€150 value)

  • Speaking Yourself Into Being: 50 poems for visibility - a collection of powerful poems for each stage of your visibility journey. (€75 value)

(Payment plan option: Click here to pay in 2 monthly instalments of €500)

Magnetic Presence + 2 Poetry Alchemy™ Sessions


(Includes 21% VAT/BTW)

  • In addition to all benefits listed above, you will receive 2 x 60-minute individual Poetry Alchemy™ Sessions with Rionach's to go even deeper.
  • Be held in a safe space to connect with your wisdom, shift your energy and release old patterns that may surface with this deep work.

  • Availability limited: Only 6 spots available. Discounted rate (full price €200 per session).

(Payment plan option: Click here to pay in 3 monthly instalments of €445)

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Hi! I'm Rionach Aiken, your guide for this journey. I'm a deep-dive Visibility Mentor and Poetry Alchemist™.  I overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a successful CEO, transformational coach and poetry speaker.

For 14 years I've worked deeply with transformational poetry, graduating from a 3-year Poetry Depths Mystery School with Kim Rosen (author of Saved by a Poem). I've gathered 1,000s of incredible poems, and have a magical ability to match people with their next soul poem through my intuitive poetry prescriptions.

A poem catapulted me into visibility as a CEO, igniting my magnetic presence and stretching me to inhabit the energy of a leader. I've embodied over 60 poems (all of whom altered me in some way), and support others to do the same.

Now I unlock the voices of soulful business owners and creatives so you can share your magic through creating magnetic connection with your people.


Before joining Magnetic Presence, part of me resisted who I am as a flower essence therapist and poet. I wanted to befriend my magic and power. I used to let people put me off and had a lot of self doubt. Now I’m stepping with more confidence and ease into the next phase of my life, knowing that I want to shine. The program and my poem did its magic. I look in the mirror now and I go, ‘Hey gorgeous!’ and I love myself. I feel much more conviction about my work. It helped me to commit to my book, realise what it’s about and change the title. I don't know anybody else doing what Rionach’s doing. The idea of transformational poetry was a revelation for me. Now I know I'm doing what I should be doing.

Jo Dyer, Flower Essence therapist and poet, UK, EssencewithJoDyer

 I wanted help to overcome my freeze response so I could show up consistently. I was astonished by how deep the Magnetic Presence program went. I experienced a huge clearing of cellular and ancestral blocks that were keeping me in hiding. Afterwards I felt more here, sensitive and aware - colours are more colourful. The program and my poem broke those walls around my heart, melted them from the inside. A whole new world opened up as I felt the power within me and saw that people really want to listen to what I have to say! Before I didn't feel safe to create from this place. Now I can drop into my heart and radiate from there - this is such a gift.

Sandra von Schmeling, Qigong teacher, Germany

Before I began Magnetic Presence, I’d done therapy, self-help work, business development and marketing. But they never created the shift for me. I needed to work deeper, to trust my voice and my gifts. The program was remarkable, an incredibly transformative experience. I had no idea poems could rewire our brain and emotional landscape with such grace and determination. It actually changed my posture! It gave me the confidence to engage with the world in a different way, to really commit to sharing my gifts. I got clear on my business focus and created my free guide. I’m okay to be vulnerable and visible now, to show up in all my different facets without being worried that some might not be appreciated. I feel so calm and sure about myself and have a real sense of being me.

Fra Panella, Belonging Coach, UK,

I joined Magnetic Presence because I realised I needed to commit to a new direction. The program was a pivotal moment that supported me to begin a new chapter. I was inspired to resign my job and get a new one that allows me to train as an acupuncturist. The program and poem helped me to feel my own energy and begin to love and honour myself, which has been my hardest life lesson. Inwardly I feel an energetic shift, a deeper presence of my soul that's constantly flowing through me. I now help people to find a poem that anchors another dimension of healing into their life. I'm infinitely grateful to be walking my talk - it's rippling out to so many people.

Simeon Bridge, nurse and essence practitioner, UK

I was really stuck about putting my work out into the world and knew I had deep issues with visibility – I just kept hitting a wall. I wanted to dissolve it and energise and embody the part of me that knows what I have to share is valuable and wanted. This has definitely shifted now. I find myself speaking out more and feeling ready to share my work. Over the years I've spent 1000s of euros and dollars doing all sorts of courses and healings but I can truly say that Magnetic Presence is one of the best things I've ever done - it’s totally unique and magical. The poem I worked with acted on very deep levels, far more than anything else had. Affirmations had never worked for me, but the right line of the poem comes to me at the right time, like a mantra. I've never been especially into poetry, but this truly alchemical work with Rionach and the group was a huge revelation. It's completely changing the energy that I feel around putting my work out there and being seen and received in the world.

Valerie Collins, author and mentor, Spain,

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