What's in Season?


How do you choose where to focus your energies, so that you feel deeply aligned with what to create next?  

Trying to grow flowers in winter can feel like hard work, unless they are snowdrops. Knowing what season you are in and lining up with your creative cycle, brings a sense of ease and trust.

What creative season are you in right now?

  • Autumn - harvest, letting go
  • Winter - rest, stillness, fertility, breaking down the old
  • Spring - rising energy, clarity, focus
  • Summer - fully expressed, ripe, creative blossoming

This training will help you to check in with what’s in season for you right now, so you can align your energies and feel in flow as you share your wisdom.  

Watch this video to:

  • Discover what season you are in
  • Understand where the most energy is to create
  • Get clear on your next steps

When you align yourself fully with your natural energy flow, you can harness your creative energies with powerful results. Such as the true stories I share here: creating your website in a week, getting a whole new download for your book, creating a post that goes viral and filling your workshop. 

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