Holding Space for Your Younger Self


Shift your habits of hiding with these 3 essential steps to creating an empowered relationship with your inner child.


We all have younger parts of ourselves that live in our bodies.

These little ones can easily get triggered into fear and act up - becoming difficult or unmanageable.

Your younger self is often behind your habits of hiding - freezing, procrastinating, doubting your value, not feeling safe to share, feeling not enough or too much.

Their unconscious reactions carry an emotional weight to them that has a centre of gravity much lower than our conscious mind.

That’s why they can so easily grab the wheel of your bus and drive you down paths you didn’t consciously choose - falling into unwanted behaviours.

These parts of you have their own wisdom, their own feelings and needs that were not met at the time they formed beliefs about themselves, others and the world.

Cultivating an EMPOWERED relationship with these parts of yourself is essential, especially as you stretch into new levels of visibility in your life where they can get triggered.

It’s not always easy!


Watch this video to:

  • Shift your habits of hiding through connecting with your younger self.
  • Understand why unconscious blocks are so hard to shift with your conscious mind alone.
  • Experience a powerful poem to support a deep reconnection with your inner child.
  • Learn the 3 essential steps to forging an empowered relationship with your younger self.
  • Realise how healing your relationship with your younger self brings profound wisdom and healing to your current self. 


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