The Poem That Ignited My Unstoppable Commitment


How do you cultivate the energy of commitment so you can step forward to become visible with your wisdom and share your gifts? 

The energy of commitment can be elusive. It can’t be forced. 

You know when you are committed. And you feel it when you’re not all in. 


In this video I share a powerful and heart-opening story of the poem, and person I shared it with, that ignited my commitment to step into visibility even though I felt scared and incredibly challenged. 


One of the fastest, most gentle and powerful ways of cultivating true, soul deep, organic commitment is to choose and work with a soul poem inside a deep container. 

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Simon's Film: My Name Is Emily

Book: It’s Not Yet Dark - Simon Fitzmaurice - 

YouTube Video: The Poem that Broke Through my Visibility Blocks


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