Being Enough

You are enough.
Your beingness is enough.

There is nothing you can 'do'
that is a more powerful force for change
than your beingness.

Who you are.

Not who you are on your good days
or who you are on your bad days.

The unique goodness
that others receive from your presence
when you're not doing anything.

Whether you are called to
~ rest
~ weep
~ create
~ rage
~ connect

Who you are is medicine.
Who you are is enough.

And I believe
that your ever evolving beingness
is THE most potent engine
elevating human consciousness
in our troubled world.

Thank you
for the gift of your beingness.



One day I will breathe
and let my body be
and be in it.
And it may be
that I offer nothing
to the world
but my being
and my being in it.
And that is all.

Ríonach Aiken



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