Overcoming Your 'Not Enough' Voice


Do you know that sinking feeling when you realise that there’s something you said you’d do, but you haven’t? 

It’s snowing a proper blizzard where I now live in the Netherlands. 

Coldest snap in 10 years. Minus 8 Celsius, with minus 14 on the way. Brrr!

So when my beloved asked how we can adjust the heating so we don’t freeze overnight … yup, my heart sank right into my belly. 

(We have non-traditional roles - he cooks, I put the trash out. Works for us. :-)

I’d hadn’t yet translated the heating manual from 60-pages of technical Dutch to English. Whoops. 

Two seconds before he stuck his head around the door to ask a simple question, I joyfully felt I was rocking life. 

I was up-to-date with my ‘vision-planning’. I’d just knocked off some tasks that had been lurking for a while. I’d also made chocolate, tidied and enjoyed some chill-out time. 

So I really noticed that inner voice that was just waiting for a chance to jump out and say (in a snide, self-satisfied tone): ‘See? I told you. You should have done it by now. You’re just crap, unreliable. You’ll never be enough. You’ll never do enough. You might as well give up now and just watch Netflix for the rest of your days.’ 

Nice, eh? 

Do you know this voice? How does it show up for you? 

This limiting belief of 'I’m Not Enough’ is one of the #1 visibility blocks. 

Whenever we step forward beyond our comfort zone, it will pop up to put us back in our place. 

And it will also very sneakily trap us into creating unrealistic expectations, taking on too many commitments and over-giving … just so it can prove itself right! 

Watch this video if you want to learn how to dance more skilfully with this particular gremlin. 

In this video you will:

😈  Discover the core emotion underneath the 'Not Enough’ voice, and why avoiding facing it keeps it in place.

😈  Learn one simple but effective shift that can turn this around.  

😈  The daily habit that disrupts the feeling you’re never doing enough.

You are enough. Exactly as you are. 

The world needs the wisdom only you can share. 

Rionach xo

P.S. And just in case you're wondering ... I did figure out how to adjust the heating and we had a cosy night! See - brilliant and imperfect!

P.P.S. Believing ‘I’m Not Enough’ is one of the #1 visibility blocks. To discover the others, download my free Visibility Breakthrough Blueprint here

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