Finding Your Own Voice


No amount of marketing strategies or social media plans will help you find your own voice.

The one that lights you up.
The one that inspires people to lean in and listen.
The one that connects you to the impact you are here to make.

This is my growing edge.

When I share poetry it lights me up like a Christmas tree.
People tell me they could listen to me speak poetry all day.

Poetry gave me the courage to finally speak in front of audiences.
The resolve to break through my terror of being visible, so I could share this soul medicine.
It helped me find my own voice and discover my leadership destiny.

In magical ways I could not have expected.

What about you? Do you feel deeply connected to your own voice?

I'd love to invite you to join me for this experience.

Because I'm thrilled to have finally found a way to join my passion for poetry and helping you to powerfully share your message.

This beginning is scary and vulnerable for me. 

I don’t see anyone else doing this.

But I know how powerful it is, even if my inner critic can’t quantify how or why.

In this Visionary Voices Poetry Dive* video I use the incredible vibrational medicine of poetry to shift your state and activate your inner truth speaker ...

... so you can activate the courage and clarity you need to share your unique message!

In this 30-minute activation you will:

  • Connect with the pure and trembling part of you that’s just waiting to be invited to speak
  • Activate the passion that fires your belly with courage and clarity on what you most yearn to say
  • Access the fierce resilience you need to keep showing up, in the face of life’s challenges, to share your unique voice.

Feedback on this session from members of my Visibility for Visionary Leaders free Facebook group include:

'Wow. Tears in my eyes.'
'That was incredible.' 
'Loved every minute.'
'I'm feeling inspired and can feel creative energy swirling around in me. I would love to see more of this. It's really powerful.'
'This is the first time I experienced transformational poetry and I love the effects it has on my system.'

Join the conversation, and access weekly live trainings, inside our group here.

If you would love to experience a full poetry dive* (and lots more deep transformation), check out our Embody Your Feminine Superpowers retreat June 2021 - more information here.

(*What is a poetry dive? This is an experience where I’ll speak a few chosen poems from a place of depth to connect you to your own depth.)

Join the Magnetic Presence Retreat, 21-23 April 2023.

  • Break through visibility blocks that keep you playing small.
  • Access your ability to embody your essence and speak from your soul.
  • Develop the kind of presence that opens deep magnetic connection.
Find out more and register now!