From Seed to Sprout: grow your vision into reality


How are the seeds of your precious vision coming along now the excitement of the New Year has faded?

The first week of February marks Imbolc, the Celtic festival marking the turning of the year from winter to spring. It’s the mid-point between winter solstice and spring equinox, when seeds begin to sprout and the first flowers arrive. 

Each seed must break free from its shell and push through cold hard ground before it reaches the nourishing energy of daylight.

It’s a fragile time for new visions.

It's normal to hit resistance and lose energy as we stretch beyond our comfort zones. 

Now is the time to reconnect with your vision and engage with your resistance ...

... in ways that deepen your devotion to the change you know you long to create in your life (and for our world). 

In this video you will ...

🌱  Reconnect with the powerful ‘why’ of your vision to source the energy you need to take each next step

🌱  Engage with the part that holds resistance to harvest its wisdom and create in even more aligned ways

🌱  Discover a deeper source of devotion so you can map out your unique destiny pathway to creating your vision

I share a powerful poem to dive deep into this topic , and to honour my namesake, the Goddess Brigid, who's celebrated at this time. She's the patron of healing, transformation and poetry - and with Brid as my middle name, the perfect guide for me!

As nature shifts towards spring, what seeds of your vision are sprouting into fruition?

And which are still fragile and requiring more energy to break free from their shell and push up through the cold hard ground?

Reach out if you need support.

The world needs the wisdom only you can share. 

Rionach xo

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