Share Your Transformation Stories


True story: 
I sat in my dressing gown, on my sofa, with a box of tissues, sobbing my heart out, all day. I was heartbroken - I felt like my dream of creating my own transformational business was slipping through my fingers. How could the universe give me this dream and then let me fail?

Same true story:
I was really sad. Deeply disappointed that no one signed up to my group program. I felt the universe did not support me.

Notice the difference?

We are wired for stories. Told right, they forge connection and deep empathy.

We remember how they make us feel. Because we’ve felt that way too.

If you're (or aspire to be) a coach, practitioner, facilitator or bringer of transformational change …

And you feel frustrated because people don’t ‘get’ the deep and magical work you offer …

I see you.

I see you struggling to communicate the true, life-changing value of what you offer in a way that really lands with your people.

Transformation work involves a lot of inner work and the results may not be as obvious as creating a website or getting a better job.

You can feel vulnerable to share your personal stories. You may feel shy or conflicted about sharing stories about others.

What can you relate to here?

What I know is that your value comes from the depth of what you offer. This is what your people are looking for.

But if you don’t know how to invite them into your world by sharing your stories, many who need you may not understand the transformation you can give them.

Watch this video training on how to share your transformation stories, where you will:

  • Discover the huge opportunity that transformation experts are missing to create magnetic connection.
  • Learn how to identify and share your transformation stories in a way that inspires people to work with you.
  • Understand how to use language that gives people an embodied experience of the transformation you offer

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