Self-care for Visibility


I felt stretched and thin, like butter scraped across too much bread. 

A tight fist of tension had pushed its way under my ribs. 

In place of joy when preparing for my next call, I felt a dark shadow of dread. 

We are living through a trauma right now. 

And many of us, myself included, are also dealing with our own private griefs. 

In the past week, I’ve spoken with many in my community who are struggling. 

Brilliant, conscious people who know how to self-care … 

… are navigating intense inner conflict, anger, despair, disconnection, loneliness, anxiety.  

It’s easy to shrink into our self-protective bubbles. To feel isolated, abandoned, constrained.

We’ve been through a long dark period. 

As we move into spring, how can we honour our urge to re-emerge when our resources have been so stretched and depleted over the past year?

How do we show up for others when we are struggling ourselves?  

I’ve needed to double-down on my own self-care practices as I became aware of how much stress I was carrying.

Stretching, walking in nature, cycling in the sun, making chocolate (yum!) all helps.

So in this video, I'm talking about Self-care for Visibility - so you can shine without burning out.

In this video you will…

  • Discover the visibility superpower that allows you to nourish your true needs
  • Learn what’s underneath your impulse to shrink and hide, and how to reawaken your natural urge to blossom
  • Know where to focus your energies so you can shine without burning out. 

If you'd like to go deeper with the superpowers I mentioned in this training, check out my Embody Your Feminine Superpowers retreat. It's a deep dive women's retreat in the Netherlands from 31 May to 4 June. Click here to learn more

Reach out to arrange a call with me, and we'll get clear on what you need and how I can help.

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