Inviting People Into Your World


Three years ago I really struggled to charge money for my coaching. Squirmy, sticky resistance created avoidance and procrastination.

My heart ached to devote my energies to facilitating deep transformation. My soul woke me nightly with its urgent whispers. 

At the time, I was still a respectable non-profit CEO. I gave national presentations, was featured in local media, met with leaders, politicians and dignitaries. Leading my team of 100 staff and volunteers, together we supported thousands of disadvantaged people each year. 

I was deeply reluctant to come out publicly as a spiritual person. I didn’t want to come across as flaky. 

I was hiding. Scared of what people would think. Afraid of being judged, dismissed, ridiculed. 

For years I’d been a very successful chameleon. Shape-shifting into what I thought others wanted from me. I did it brilliantly. 

But something had to give. 

Take an ax to the prison wall.
Walk out like somebody suddenly born into color.

- Rumi 

My true value and power as a coach and facilitator comes from my depth, intuition, sensitivity and decades of transformational work. 

It was time for me to come out of the closet. 

I could clearly see myself in my inner closet. A dull brown wardrobe full of old coats. Warm, comfortable, but stifling. 

I opened the door a crack. Taking my life in my hands, I leaped out. 

I found myself in a spacious circular temple. It was high and bright, the walls adorned with images of vibrant people and divine beings. 

I claimed my space on a throne in the centre. It was shaped from a huge oak tree, rooted deep into the earth and reaching high into the sky. 

This was my inner temple. A sacred space where I can reclaim all that I am. A safe space that I can warmly invite others into. 

Coming out spiritually felt like a huge relief. 

It means becoming whole. Choosing to be authentically me in all my many colours.

It means owning my value. The value of soul, of heart, of sensitivity, my intuition, body wisdom, deep listening, clarity, truth, awakening, transformation.

It means giving myself permission to be who I am, to express that in the world, even if others don’t like it.  

It means facing my fears of being criticised, rejected, attacked, side-lined, not taken seriously. Letting go of my own judgements and shame. Letting go of the projections of others I’ve internalised.

It means inviting people into my world. My unique, quirky, mystical, colourful world. 

Now when I facilitate transformation I feel the energetic presence of that huge oak tree. Holding space for me and for my clients and groups. 

Now others feel the safety of this sacred space. They enter my world and discover who they truly are. Releasing their fears of being criticised and rejected. 

Those who resonate with what I offer love and value the very same qualities that I hid away for so many years. They see me and I see them. (And they happily pay me!)

This is the magic that happens when you invite others into your world. 

I see this same pattern of hiding, over and over, in the transformation experts I work with. It’s a big one for women particularly.  

What’s your experience? 

Do you easily lose yourself in others? Focus your attention on their activities and creations rather than on sharing your own?  

Is this, at times, a protection strategy because it feels vulnerable to share your deep inner world with others? 

Or perhaps you long to share your depths, but you’re not sure how to actually go about doing it.

It can feel incredibly exposing and vulnerable to invite people into your world. You may be carrying wounds from times when you revealed your deep self and felt judged or rejected. 

But how are those who really need your transformational work going to find you, or fully understand how you can help them, if you don’t know how to invite them into your world. 

Watch this video to learn how you can powerfully share the value of what you offer in ways that deeply connect with your people.  

In this powerful session you will:

  • Discover the common mistake that causes you to lose yourself in others.
  • Experience how to create a secure, contained inner world that you feel safe to invite people into.  
  • Learn how to share your world with others in ways that create magnetic connection.

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