Grow Your Resilience to thrive in times of turmoil


Have you been feeling rocked by the waves of our tempestuous times recently? 

How is that impacting your ability to show up, share your message, care for your loved ones or thrive in your life?

I get it. 

I needed to go super deep last year when uprooting my entire life and moving to another country. During wave after wave of uncertainty and restrictions.

I'll be honest. It was tough at times. 

So in this video, I'm sharing some of my personal practices that got me through - and made me stronger.

In this deep dive training you will:

  • Experience a grounding practice to create deep stability when needed. 
  • Connect with your vulnerable parts from a place of power.
  • Open to connect with a network that can hold a safe, high vibe space.  

Let me know what you've struggled with most, and what you've learned. I'd love to hear from you. 

This was offered as a live training my my Facebook group - Visibility for Visionary Leaders.

Most Tuesdays I show up with a Visionary Voices Deep Dive Live, so reach out to tell me what topics you'd most love support with.

If you want to be held inside a loving community as you stretch into the next level of your visibility, pop on over to the group and join the party.

Stay rooted and stay connected, and we'll get through this together.

Rionach xo

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