Overcome Overwhelm and Find Your Flow


I’ve always been seen as someone who’s super-productive.

But inside I’ve often felt like an octopus on roller-skates, trying to hold everything with my energy scattered in too many directions. 

How are you at getting stuff done? Everything under control? Or frequently overwhelmed by All The Things you have to do?

One of the big traps of our ‘Not Enough’ voice is how it tempts us into over-committing and unrealistic planning - which just reinforces the belief that we’re not good enough! 

I tried so many strategies. I honestly thought I was a hopeless case.

And then I met someone who helped me change all that. (Seriously. This woman has superpowers.)

Louise Miller’s kind yet clear approach to productivity is a breath of fresh air that helped me drop the struggle and find my flow.

I’m now less prone to over-planning, have learnt to feel into my priorities each day and know how to focus on The One Thing to get shizzle done. Which feels amazing BTW. 

This enabled me to take on a humongous move to another country last year, (which went incredibly smoothly despite global meltdowns), and joyfully reignite my business this year.   

If this is something that speaks to you, watch my interview with Louise where we're talking about how to Overcome Overwhelm and Find Your Flow ... so you can get stuff done and actually share your wisdom!

In this video you will learn ... 

  • Why your overwhelm has nothing to do with how much you have to do, and the one simple thing that will put you back in charge of your time, your business and your life. 
  • The classic mistake you’re making to ‘be more productive’ that’s actually stopping you from getting stuff done.
  • The secret to switching off at the end of the day feeling accomplished, even if there’s plenty more to do.
  • Why feeling disorganised is holding you back, and how to take control of your days so you can spend more time doing the things that will make your business soar. 

And listen to Louise's beautiful, heart-melting poem that invites you to find your own perfect pace. 

If you’ve had enough of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and defeated by the 'never-ending-to-do-list' monster ...

... this conversation will show you that it really IS possible to run a business that allows you to be creative, serve more people and make a bigger impact WITHOUT feeling frantic and frazzled. 

If you are ready to change the way you think about productivity, and take the first step along the calm path to a more organised life ...

... check out the program that changed my life, Louise's Tame Your To-do List, starting soon. There is an amazing limited-time bonus, so click here to check it out today

Learn how to actually take those inspired actions so you can share your gifts with those that need them. 



P.S. Seriously, I can't vouch for this program, Louise's kind heart and brilliant systems enough. Hop in quickly to access a bonus 1-2-1 session with her. 

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