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Hi! I'm Ríonach.

I was the poster-child for ‘Where can I hide? People are SCARY!’

As a kid, I never joined any groups outside of school.
I dreaded standing in front of people and avoided career moves that would put me in the spotlight.
When I recorded my first video, I couldn’t speak because I was crying and frozen with fear.

Most conventional visibility strategies simply did not work for me. I just felt exposed, frozen and overwhelmed

I never, ever thought I  would be helping others with this.

Eventually, I overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a successful CEO, poet, speaker, and skilled space-holder for transformation.

A poem catapulted me into leadership as a CEO, melting my visibility blocks on multiple levels and igniting my potent presence.

Now when I share my depths, I touch people’s hearts, melt their frozen parts and help them see their own essence.

I love to support change bringers to grow magnetic visibility through shifting your energy at very deep levels.

I know it’s possible to expand your visibility capacity to align with your visionary depths.

It’s taken me 25 years to distil the most potent processes and practices for shifting visibility blocks at the roots.

If you're feeling the call, come join us inside Soulful Visibility Alchemy