What: a high-level transformation container to expand your capacity for visibility so you can step into the next octave of the change you’re called to bring.

Why: because your soul gifts are needed & if visibility has been hard, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you & I want you to grow strong foundations so you can show up and share in steady, soul-sustaining ways.

Who: creative beings, coaches and business builders, change bringers and cycle breakers who have gifts to give, stories to share, business offerings to birth, projects to promote, campaigns to kindle and real change to contribute.

When: starting Wed 18th Oct, 3 potent 90-minute sessions a month for 9 months + two deep-dive 3-day retreats (+ more).

Where: a virtual space with live zoom calls + recorded training modules + a private group + a community that holds and lifts us all. 

How much: €7777 or 10 payments of €777.70.

Number of spaces: There are 12 spots available to give you depth, intimacy and personal support.

Deadline: Registration closes when the group is full or on 13th Oct, whichever comes first. 

How: If you’re a full-bodied yes, claim your seat in our circle.
Or book a call with Rionach to find out if it's a fit.

Save my seat

I see you, soulful one.

You love to share your hard-earned wisdom to create a better future for our world.

But when it comes to sharing the next level of your work in soul-sustaining you may find yourself:

Freezing: Feeling blank or tongue-tied when you go to share your next-level message.

Hiding: Getting the hit to show up, but distracting yourself with busy work.

Holding back: Not sharing your offerings in steady ways because it feels so exposing.

Looping: Working hard but not completing the key pieces that move you forward. 

Plagued by ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What will others think?’ Overpreparing and never feeling good enough.

You’re not alone.

Yet your presence is potent. You help people and you know your work works.  

You’ve done the inner work and business training. You know how to put yourself out there.

There's a bigger vision calling you to RISE into your next octave. 

And it brings a new level of visibility that feels challenging.

The reason putting yourself out there at this level feels hard

is not because there’s something wrong with you.

It’s because you’re carrying visibility blocks that are older than you.

So you want to be visible, but your age-old protection strategies don’t.

  • Consciously, you want to help more people, generate a good income, live your purpose and make your difference.
  • Unconsciously, safety fears are driving the bus. 

"What if I’m judged, rejected, abandoned, overwhelmed? What if I fail? What if I'm not good enough?"

This push-pull operates deep in your system - your body, nervous system, cellular & ancestral memories, and energy field.

Soulful Visibility Alchemy is designed to rewire your system with new operating principles ...

... based on safety, connection and unapologetically owning your You-ness.

Once you can do this, then ...

You can melt your freeze response, and feel safe to show up, play, connect and shine in new ways.

You’re energetically open for business, actively inviting people into your unique world.

You use your transformation magic to touch hearts with your visible presence.

You feel free to experiment and get clear on when, where and how you want to show up.

You’re able to take up space, trust your truth and be unapologetic about who you are.

You're open to receive soul-aligned next steps, opportunities and abundance.

... all while sharing the message only YOU can share to attract your perfect people.
I'm ready

"My programs are filling up with marvellous people. It’s magical - I don’t know where they're coming from."

"I felt called to bring my work to a bigger audience. But my nervous system contracted when I thought of becoming more visible. In this 9-month container I worked through my visibility fears, growing strong roots so I could bring things out in ways that felt good for me. Now, I feel ready, secure, solid. I trust who I am, what I'm here to do and my connection with Source. I can show up, be myself, do the next thing and attract the right people.

I’m writing now - got a chapter in a book coming out, got the title for my own book and found an incredible book mentor. I’m finally creating a new program based on my life’s work. We did heartspace meditations to attract our people and it works!

My poem was about becoming a lighthouse, and my lighthouse is beaming. Ríonach is a soul midwife who held space for both my wounded parts and my soul purpose in a high vibration, with such love, respect and gentleness. But so deep and effective."

Ilja van de Griend, co-founder of Lisbon transpersonal training institute Almasoma, teacher, therapist and coach 

Visibility is intersectional

For hundreds of years, the voices of wisdom-keepers were silenced and invalidated.

Accused as witches, taken as slaves, wiped out as native ones, suppressed as women.

As a result, what got passed down from generation to generation wasn’t the collective wisdom of the ages,

… but the protection strategies needed to keep our children safe in such times.

Keep your head down.
Hide your magic.
Don’t speak up.
Never draw attention to yourself.
It’s not safe to be seen.

And for many bodies in our world, this is current reality, not just ancestral history. 

As a white Irish woman, I’ve worked through internalised patriarchal oppression, the terror of the witch wound, the piercing loss of ancestral wisdom traditions.

Even though visibility felt terrifying for me for decades, I never feared that my life, family or livelihood was at risk in current Western culture.

I know it’s easier and safer for some bodies to take up space, to be seen, heard and listened to than others.

That’s why I’m in ongoing deep study of decolonization and learning how to hold space for people of different experiences. 

That's why this program focuses on honouring your body's capacity and doing the root-work on personal, collective, ancestral and soul layers.

When we tend to the wisdom hidden in your struggles, they alchemise into your gifts, strengths, and unique medicine.

And that's the medicine that our world sorely needs.

My story

So if you ever find yourself struggling to find your voice, terrified of standing up and being seen as the powerful force for change you are ...

... it’s not just you. 

I get it. 

Hi! I'm Ríonach.

I was the poster-child for ‘Where can I hide? People are SCARY!’

As a kid, I never joined any groups outside of school.
For decades, I dreaded standing in front of people and avoided career moves that would put me in the spotlight.
When I recorded my first video, I couldn’t speak because I was crying and frozen with fear.

Most conventional visibility strategies simply did not work for me. 
I just felt exposed, frozen and overwhelmed. 

I never, ever thought I  would be helping others with this.

Eventually, I overcame decades of debilitating shyness to become a successful CEO, poet, speaker, and skilled space-holder for transformation.

A poem catapulted me into leadership as a CEO, melting my visibility blocks on multiple levels and igniting my potent presence.

Now when I share my depths, I touch people’s hearts, melt their frozen parts and help them see their own essence.

I love to support change bringers to grow magnetic visibility through shifting their energy at very deep levels.

I know it’s possible to expand your visibility capacity to align with your visionary depths.

It’s taken me 25 years to distil the most potent processes and practices for shifting visibility blocks at the roots.

Are you ready to do the root-work
to expand your visibility
in steady, soul-sustaining ways?

"I’m taking up space, sharing integrity-filled posts and not freezing, even when I make mistakes."

"I had a deep desire to pioneer new ways of doing life and business. But when it came to sharing my soulful voice online, I was terrorised by visibility fears and perfectionism.

During the 9 months, I healed layers of ancient blocks and cultivated my fierce voice. In facing some of my worst wounds, I literally found my purpose. I got to expand my core self, embrace my magic gifts, trust my body's timing, and discover my unique transformational coaching style, which was life-changing for me and my clients.

I also came away with my brand story, potent teachings and personal stories, which flowed spontaneously. I no longer hold back the wisdom that wants to come. I’ve become a more powerfully rooted space-holder, and a transformational advocate for the silent ones who have a mission, but haven’t been able to find their place. After a long time seeking, this clarity alone is priceless.

The depth of care, richness, inner work and business strategy Ríonach offers are perfectly balanced. The frequency and calibre of teachings are beyond what you can comprehend. This work is uniquely revolutionary."

Jenny Kiely, Inspiritus Life


Soulful Visibility Alchemy is designed around three essential pillars.

  • Clear your visibility blocks.

  • Cultivate your visibility superpowers.

  • Create your visible presence.


The first step is to clear your visibility blocks. 

Over 9 months you will clear deep layers of:

  • personal, collective and intergenerational wounds of not being seen, met, or understood, so you can melt your frozen parts and move forward.
  • unhelpful projections from influential sources (critics, bullies, caregivers, authority figures, family members), so you can move beyond paralysing fears of what others think.
  • fears of being judged, rejected, or losing relationships  if you show up in new ways, so you can fully express who you are now. 
  • collective and systemic silencing and gaslighting, so you can break free from the voices that keep you down. 
  • ancestral wounds of oppression and persecution, so you can move through inherited terrors that keep you playing small.

I’ve supported hundreds of people through this incredibly deep root-work.
It shifts things on foundational levels like nothing else I’ve ever encountered. 

This is a healing journey. 

We will hold space for the deep pain of not being seen or valued.
We will touch tender spots, reframe old stories and reclaim lost treasures.

And …

You are not broken.

Nothing about who you are is wrong. 

When you trust the wound-work that’s calling you, you discover an intelligence that’s guiding you home.
Home to your essence, your fierce truth, the work you're here to do and your own way of doing it.

What's in the way, is the way.

What if you are not healing your wounds? What if your wounds are healing you?

Your soulful visibility is here to remake our crumbling world.
To shine through the cracks to restore our humanity and communities.
To break inner and outer cycles of oppression we’ve been taught to see as normal. 

Together, we bear loving-witness to the pain AND the possibility of birthing new ways.

And …

Clearing alone won't create the shift you're looking for. 

The alchemy comes when your powerful, loving self
holds space for your tender, wounded parts.
Without rushing to fix or brush over anything. 

Held in presence and empathy,
deep listening alchemizes the base metal of age-old wounds
into the gold of your unique essence medicine. 

That’s why the next pillar is … 


The second step is to cultivate your visibility superpowers.

Over 9 months you will be supported to: 

  • activate your potent presence and become your own loving witness, so you can take up more space and feel less exposed.
  • learn how to generate your own safety and cultivate clear energetic boundaries, so you can show up with greater ease.
  • expand your capacity for next-level visibility through working with your body and tending your nervous system.
  • discover your unique visibility magic, so you understand how your inner knowing naturally wants to express through you.
  • reclaim, embody and radiate your unique essence - what you offer the world through your beingness and presence. 

You will step into an expanded identity that's real and true-for-you, and has capacity to navigate the stretchy parts of your visibility journey.

And ...

Cultivating potent energy alone won't create sustained and sustaining visibility for you.

The alchemy comes when you show up
inside your soul-aligned energy
and actively create your visible presence. 

This is where the rubber meets the road,
as you take concrete actions to share your voice
and give your gifts in ways that work for you.

That's why the final pillar is ...


The third step is to create your visible presence. 

Over 9 months you will be supported to:

  • create your soul-aligned visibility breakthrough project to activate your next octave of visible impact in soul-sustaining ways.
  • experiment with connecting with your people in deeply human, engaging ways, so you can create a steady rhythm of soulful visibility. 
  • detox from icky, unsustainable business strategies (the merest whiff has your soul exiting the building), and explore effective ethical practices instead. 
  • deepen into your connection with your people through discovering the concrete intersection between what they need and what you are called to offer. 
  • craft potent invitations and website pages through understanding how to transmit your essence and communicate your offers in effective, ethical, soul-aligned ways.  

You embody your learning through putting it into practice. And for so many reasons - inner and outer - actually getting it done can be the hardest part. 

Our monthly Create sessions give you time & space & support to show up and create in concrete ways. 

A range of Create training modules support you to build the skills you need, when you need them. (Click on the + sign below for details) 

It’s impossible to include everything Soulful Visibility Alchemy will cover.

The alchemy of this program is alive and responsive to the group that gathers.

And ...

This experience is designed around spaciousness and simplicity.

While it might sound like a lot,
it's carefully planned to be energetically potent,
with a full week off to integrate each month,
and support to implement what you're called to create.

So even when life is full and your energy is low, 
it won't feel like more than you can handle.

Count me in

Moving with nature

Our 9-month journey is aligned with the Wheel of the Year in the northern hemisphere, restoring our connection with natural cycles.

The dark winter months are a time for root-work: clearing, composting and allowing the old to die and regenerate. We begin with a 3-day retreat to Clear Your Visibility Blocks at Samhain (Halloween). 

Come spring, we emerge from the soil with new clarity, birthing our vision and cultivating new energy with our 3-day Radiance Retreat at Imbolc (early Feb).

Moving towards summer, we nurture our creations into fullness as they blossom and bear fruit, with 3 Create Your Visible Presence intensives in March, April and May.

We harvest and complete with a Celebrate Your Journey ceremony on the Summer Solstice.

Soulful Visibility is all about connection

Through potent guided practices, you will cultivate your powerful inner knowing, so you can:

Connect with yourself, so you can hear and trust your soul voice and move forward in good ways. 

Connect with Source, the force that animates all that is, so you can partner with the spirit of your business and the offerings that are coming into being through you. 

Forge magnetic connections with your perfect people, the ones you are most excited to invite into your unique world. So you can communicate in ways that they know you see them. And they can see and value the gifts you offer. 

Who this is for

This is for you if you are

  • ready to take aligned action to share your voice, humanity, services, offerings, projects, or campaigns.
  • committed to participating in diverse, inclusive spaces and exploring the intersectional nuances of visibility.
  • interested in exploring ethical, human and humane ways of showing up and inviting people into your world.
  • called to explore the underlying roots of your visibility challenges through facing deep personal, collective, and ancestral wounds. 
  • not looking for a quick-fix formula to fast-track your success, because you know that’s never sustainable in good ways. 
  • willing to listen to your soul whispers and body capacity, trust your process, honour your timing, and move beyond pushing, proving and perfectionism - because sustainable momentum gets you to where you actually want to go. 
  • just starting out or already have a sustainable business, and want to connect with more right-fit people in ways that feel good and true for you.

"I feel a lot safer in my body."

"Before I started, I was hidden, hardly posting anything online. I did a few Facebook Lives, but was so scared my face turned red and I disconnected. I needed clarity on who I help and how I help them.

The energy of this group really expanded my capacity. I can allow feelings to move through me without forcing or changing or hiding from them. I've never been so connected with myself. I feel more prepared to work with people now, because I can be present and hold them.

I got clear on my people, created my first written offer, my bio, a presentation, and a new group. I learned that I can put myself out there in ways that work for me. I can stay in integrity, be honest and human without manipulating people.

Ríonach and the group gently saw me in ways I couldn’t see myself. This 9-month experience reminded me who I am, and gave me the courage to accept myself and be okay with where I am. So I reclaimed my maiden name, along with my joy, freedom and power!"

Andreea Casangiu, Holistic Transformation Facilitator

Why this matters

When you work on these deep alchemical levels, you will find yourself speaking up in ways you want to in conversations that matter. 

You get to enjoy the satisfaction of sharing your creations, while releasing the weight of long-dreamed of, but half-created, projects. 

You will find yourself organically showing up in steady and sustainable ways, rather than pushing forward, then pulling back. 

Because you know, in your being, how to hold and listen to the wisdom of your body, of your tender parts, of your ancestors, of your soul. 

Doing this work allows you to radiate your essence in magnetic ways and attract people you love who are glad to be in your world. 

At a deeper level, you get to create your unique soul-work in ways that feel like home. Build rooted foundations, step by step.  

And - this is so important for the times we’re living in - you get to clean up any icky parts of your invitations, and confidently know that how you offer your work is fully in integrity with your values.

This integrity piece, consciously or unconsciously, holds so many good people back from fully promoting their work. Together we must clean up the legacy of manipulative business practices.  

Ultimately, this is a journey of stepping into an expanded identity, a new lived reality. An embodiment of the one your soul knows you to be. 

And being held, over 9 months, through the groundlessness of shedding the parts that, in wanting to protect you, keep you small. 

Resistance is normal. And if this is the right next step for you, trust the resonance that calls you.

What's included

  • Three x 90-minute calls a month, live on Zoom in a small group to ensure personal attention.
    • One Clear Session, one Cultivate Session, one Create Session a month (see above for details).
    • Wednesday 11.00 ET | 4.00 UK | 17.00 CET from 18 October 2023 to 19 June 2024.
  • Two x 3-day deep-dive virtual retreats. These profound energy+identity-altering experiences are worth the program price alone. 
    • Clear Your Visibility Blocks, 2-4 Nov 2023 (see below for details)
    • Radiance Retreat, 1-3 Feb 2024 (see below)
    • Daily 10-3 ET | 2-7 UK | 15-20:00 CET
  • A range of potent energy+strategy pre-recorded Create training modules (see above), so you can build the pieces you need when you need them.
  • Three x 3-hour Create Your Visible Presence co-working intensives in March, April and May 2024, so you can actively build the pieces that move you forward, with support.
    • 10AM ET | 3PM UK | 16.00 CET (in place of our 90-minute Create Sessions).
  • Monthly Connection Experiments to support you to actively create your visible presence in ways that work for you.
  • Replays and transcripts (unedited) of all sessions.
  • Handouts, worksheets, and resources to help you deepen into the practices and strategies.
  • A private community space on Facebook for questions, feedback on what you're creating, sharing, conversation and connection. 
  • Access to a wonderful community of people on the journey with you. Experience being seen, supported and celebrated as who you are in your wholeness, your magnificent and messy humanness. (Also worth the admission price alone). 
  • Lots of space + simplicity + support structures so you can go deep + get clear + create + integrate so that this program is sustainable + humane from start to finish.

10 monthly payments


Register now

one payment



VAT: + 21% VAT for EU citizens. 

Payment plan: Your payments begin when you claim your seat & continue automatically with a further 9 monthly payments (on or around the same day as your first payment).

Registration closes when the training is full or 13 Oct, whichever comes first.

Soulful Visibility Alchemy live preview call

This work is deep and broad. It’s unique in design and energetically potent. 

There's only so much I can share here. To share more, bring it to life, and create connection, there's nothing like a human-to-human conversation with you about this work and program. 

So I’m hosting a 90-minute, no-cost live conversation on Thur 7 Sept at 11am ET | 4pm UK | 17.00 CET. 

This is not a class, webinar or sales pitch. It’s a space where you can hear more about this work and why it matters. From me and from a few past participants. 

Watch the replay now

Got questions?

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"I am able to be visible as myself, authentic, vulnerable, while feeling accepted."

"When I started in this container, I felt reserved about personal expression. My European roots were calling me to write my family’s story of surviving the Holocaust. There was so much unspoken grief passed down, it became a deep ancestral healing journey.

The nine month journey felt like a magical birthing. Besides releasing many blocks, a chapter was written in an anthology to honor my ancestors. I have come to understand deep patterns, integrating and healing aspects of several generations. Being in the loving warmth of this gentle group container, I have emerged with a lightness of being. I am able to be visible as myself, authentic, vulnerable, while feeling accepted. I trust myself and can honor both my Yes and my No. My creativity sparks have come alive. I am pursuing them with joyful wonder.

Ríonach has created and cultivated one of the best programs I’ve ever ventured into. With her guidance, I felt emotionally safe to discover my essence and explore my magic."

Wendy Wolpert, Certified Sourced Transformational Leader, Certified Jungian Life Coach, Financial Coach CPA

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