Reclaiming Your Untamed Self


The path of aligned visibility is one of returning to who you truly are. 

Sharing your authentic self can only come from knowing yourself deeply. 

Gradually coming home to the part of you that was never conditioned. The one that’s deeply connected to your body, soul, and natural wisdom.

How do you do this in a hyper-connected, noisy online world? 


Having just spent some time in my home country of Ireland swimming in the sea, feet submerged in mountain streams, I have been reminded of just how potent the wisdom of nature is and our connection to it. We all have access to this powerful, natural wisdom - we can learn how to cultivate it. 

Watch this video to:

✷ Explore simple ways you can forge a deeper connection with your natural self.

✷ Understand how you can access the untamed voice inside to guide your expression and actions.

✷ Activate your magnetic potent presence through tapping into your untamed voice. 


The practices in this training help you to listen to and trust your inner knowing, your wise guidance, over logic and rationality. And help you to remember that there is a natural intelligence that is way smarter than our minds. 

Poems shared: The Peace of Wild Things - Wendell Berry & The Return by Geneen Marie Haugen.

And if you'd love support to tap into your untamed voice, consider booking in for a Visibility Superpowers Experience, designed to go deep fast and help you clear deep visibility blocks and activate your deep natural wisdom!


Join the Magnetic Presence Retreat, 21-23 April 2023.

  • Break through visibility blocks that keep you playing small.
  • Access your ability to embody your essence and speak from your soul.
  • Develop the kind of presence that opens deep magnetic connection.
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