Nothing About Who You Are Is Wrong


How do you balance being on a personal development path of healing, growth and evolution … while at the same time accepting yourself as whole and complete exactly as you are?

It’s easy to have a ‘shopping list’ of all the issues you’d love to clear and free yourself from.

And this can easily feed the ‘not enough’ monster inside that causes you to doubt yourself, hold back and play small.

Who Am I?
I’m not ready.
Perfectionism & procrastination.

Ancient programs of guilt and shame.
Guilt - I did something wrong.
Shame - I am wrong.

What if you truly believed that nothing about who you are is wrong?

Or held to this belief as a north star that can guide you, and bring you back to yourself when you get lost?

So you can deepen your knowing of your own wholeness and show up fully, perfectly imperfect, to give your gifts!

What would open up for you if you could embody this ... even 10% more?

Watch this video to:

  • Explore what it means for you to live with the belief that nothing about who you are is wrong.
  • Experience a powerful poetry activation to bring this alive and ignite new possibilities.
  • Discover what opens up for you when you release layers of inner judgement and align yourself with your natural unfolding.


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