The Magic of Poetry


Poetry goes deep fast. It opens up sacred realms.

Poems came to me at crucial moments when I was struggling to step into leadership and helped me break through core visibility blocks.

  • When I was way off track, they brought me back to my soul's path.
  • They've enabled me to access my own knowing when I felt lost or confused, and guided me to take the right next step.
  • When I longed to find my soul’s purpose, they fuelled my desire despite my self-doubt, and called into being who I needed to be to take each next step.
  • When I struggled to take up space, they melted my resistance and completely shifted my energy so I could inhabit my leadership.
  • They’ve enabled me to create many spell-binding moments with groups, where we're captivated together into experiences of pure magic.

Many of us feel: 'Poetry is not for me.' Education may have taught you that it’s a complex puzzle that you often don’t understand.

But when you learn to embody a poem and surrender to your personal journey with it, it's a profound tool for stepping into sacred visibility.

It can shift the energy of the speaker and listeners, transporting us to another realm and creating magnetic connection.

Watch this video to learn why poetry is such a powerful tool and how it creates a safe container to ignite your visibility! You will:

  • Discover how poetry has always been seen as a sacred form of communication
  • Understand the unique language of poetry and the impact it creates
  • Recognise how poetry can be a profound tool for visibility and transformation

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I'll highlight the major blocks to visibility that trip most of us up along the way. I'll help you identify where you are and what your right next step is. And share how the right poem at the right time is such a powerful tool to help you break through to the next level of your visibility, value and impact. 

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