Calling in Your People


Have you ever used manifesting techniques to call in a home, car, job, relationship, or dream trip?

Lots of people teach this, but not many use this process for Calling in Your People - those you want to do deep transformation work with or offer your services to.

When you are confident that you can call in your soul people, it will transform your life and business. 


In this video I guide you through powerful exercises to help you get super clear on who and what you are calling in, so you can take your visibility to the next level with ease!

I share how these practices helped me manifest my dreams, including living in a different country, my perfect home and this business.


I see so many incredible Visionary Leaders, like you, who have a clear vision for the change you would like to create in the world. 

You know this involves you sharing your wisdom and influencing the people who need your magic.

But when it comes to opening your heart to real humans with all the dynamics and complexities that brings, it’s easy to shrink, hold back and wait until you feel ready.

What if you could get super clear on the energies of those you are calling in, and know exactly what you are available for (and what you are not)?


How would that impact your confidence, commitment and willingness to show up fully?   

Watch this video to:

✬ Get clear on what you are attracting right now and how that’s working for you.

✬ Create a clear vision and felt-sense of what and who you would ideally love to call in.

✬ Explore who you are being energetically, to become a match for what you want to attract.  


And if you'd love support to level up who you are being - what you are radiating and attracting - and become an energetic match for your perfect people, check out my Visibility Superpowers Experience mini-coaching package. I'd love to support you to call in your people! 


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