Woohoo! Breakthrough!! Now what?

Woohoo! Breakthrough!! Now what?

Ever experienced this?

If (like me) you love transformation you may know this cycle.

You go deep. You see the old story. Huge shift! Come out the other side with a glowing new you.

You feel your truth in every cell: My voice matters. I have wisdom to share. There are those who want to receive what I long to give. I’ve got this!

You return to your life fired up with new plans.

Then you realise. Your life is still your life. Your interactions with those around you haven’t changed.

Worse! Old habits invite you to slip back into their well-worn grooves.

When you take steps to show up in new ways, the old story still whispers in your ear.

Sh*t. No one responded to my post. See! I knew it was true that my message doesn’t really matter!

Doubts creep in. Negative voices grow louder. Procrastination. Paralysis. The weight of impossibility.

Shift your energy back into alignment with your deeper truth can be exhausting and frustrating.

What most transformation experts don’t tell you …

… is that this is actually the HARDEST part of the transformation cycle.

Not the breakthrough.

But the growth path that comes afterwards.

  • Grounding your transformation into actual actions.
  • Revising your expectations of yourself and others.
  • Creating new habits and learning new skills.
  • Setting up support for who you are becoming.
  • Embodying new ways of being, even while so much is shaken up inside.

This is the real work of transformation.

Especially when you yearn to break habits of hiding and find new ways to share your wisdom.

This is what we'll talk about on day 4 of The Poetry Breakthrough Experience: 5 days to ignite your visibility

When you truly embody your new story, you can stay present to the gap between where you are and your most aligned next step …

... without beating yourself up, having unrealistic expectations, or believing the old stories.

You commit to a path of growth, knowing that with each step you take - you will win or you will learn.

You come to understand that failure is an event. Not an identity. That YOU can never be a failure.

You fill your toolkit with the magic that shifts your energy back into motion.

You surround yourself with others on the path. Others bravely stepping forward into the arena who understand what it takes to navigate these challenges.

What can you resonate with here? I'd love to hear your experience.

I’ve been there. I’ve fallen back into that pit of despair many times.

I’ve surrounded myself with friends who lift me up again when I need it.

You know who you are if you’re reading this. Thank you. <3

Many of those friends have been incredible poems I’ve walked with when I needed their unique wisdom.

Their vibrational medicine lives inside me and becomes a new voice that whispers in my ear when I need it.

Come along to get to know some of them.
Perhaps they’re destined to become your friends too.
To guide your courageous path of fully realised transformation.
To pick you back up, dust you off, and remind you:
Your voice does matter. The world needs the gifts that only you can bring.

Join us for the free Poetry Breakthrough Experience where I’ll share a powerful poem and a spine-tingling magical story of the massive life shift it created for my client.

Warning: I can hardly ever tell this story without choking up.

Join us to find the support you need to take the next steps on your courageous path.

To hang out with my amazing community of committed visionaries.

And yes, that includes you. No matter how much you've struggled.

I see you.

We start Monday 21 June.



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