About Me

Hi, I’m Ríonach
(pronounced REE-on-ock; pronouns she/her)

I’m a human being
with all the ache & ouch & oooh & aaah
that comes with humaning.
Me too.

I am one of many.
Sister to six siblings.
Aunt to six niblings. 
Life-partner to my love.

I was forged by bone-deep shyness.
Decades of hiding from ‘scary’ people.
I hold space for the wounds of not being seen,
even when it's painful, dark, and deep.
And I see your essence, power and hidden gifts.
There is always treasure in the dungeons.

I’m a deep-diver.
I walk the paths I guide people through.
30 years of exploring the landscapes.
Delving the communal webs and ancient roots that bind us.
The personal, collective, ancestral & soul layers. 
This is a healing journey. 
We have come a long way.
And we have a long way to go. 
Me too.

I’m an alchemist.
I work with energies, words, and presence.
Actively co-creating with the parts of us that know the way.
Holding both sides as we transmute the old into gold.

Coming home to our bodies is our life’s work.
Melting, not pushing, our frozen parts.

I’m a deep see-er. 
I see and touch the tender spots. 
Reading the root-layers.
Naming the unseen.
Bringing clarity that opens new possibilities.  
Sensing the shifts that are ready to blossom.
Helping folks to see themselves in new ways.

I’m a poet and lover of poems. 
Poetry opened me 
to pure joy
to sacred paradox, 
to my soul essence. 
To finally wanting to share my voice. 

Sharing from depths is my soul medicine.
Touching hearts with words. 

I’m a keeper of companion poems.
I drink at their sacred well
and they remake me in multi-layered ways. 
I have a gift for hooking people up with poems 
that match the energies they need.

I’m a poetry alchemist. (link to What is Poetry Alchemy? post/page)
A seasoned facilitator of human + poem encounters.
The right poem at the right time goes deep, fast.
Held inside a field of deep presence,
it can fill your being, touch your heart 
and open new possibilities.

I’m a creator.
I know the push-pull of the creative soul, 
the tussling-with-your-purpose ache
of creating, co-creating, sharing,
and bumping into yourself, others and the world
in beautiful and not-so-beautiful ways. 

I love to ground visions into real change for real people. 
The inner work and outer work rhythms 
that move us forward in ways that matter. 

I'm a pragmatist, and former non-profit CEO,
who has co-created transformation with people,
businesses, teams, organisations, communities,
offers, projects, homes, buildings ...

I'm a leader, here to support those
who have gifts to give, stories to share,
business offerings to birth, projects to promote,
campaigns to kindle and real change to contribute.

I'm gentle. And fierce. A quiet power.
I have a very effective 'do not mess with me' look. 
Intense, jewel-rich, not pastel.

I’m a wanderer, with deep roots.
I come from soft moss. Pebbly beaches. Wind.
My Irish homeland feeds my soul. 
And I’ve moved around a lot. 
To 8 houses & 3 schools by age 8. 
Not easy for a shy one like me.

I’m a migrant. 
Formed by my white, Irish Catholic, patriarchal culture
and a rich tradition of ancient magic.
Forged by 22 years in and around the melting pot of London.
And a smooth move to the Netherlands during the turmoil of 2020.


I am one thread entangled in a rich tapestry.
I've been woven and shaped by many beings.

Earth, moon and stars
All my ancestors
My family
Altazar Rossiter
Wild Atlantic winds
Mata Amritanandamayi
The Hill of Tara
The spirit of poetry
Goddess Brigid
Mary Oliver
Maya Angelou
John O’Donohue
David Whyte
Kim Rosen
Claire Zammit
Darla LeDoux

If you’re interested in one-on-one or group work, please reach out to me.

{with thanks to Fabeku Fatunmise for the language + inspiration}