by Ríonach Aiken




What if all were changed now?
What if the world opened at the touch of my pen
          and laid itself bare before me?
What if the discipline of listening
          was born in this moment
          and each that arrives and arrives?
What if I followed that thread
          on the page
          and beyond
          to see how my life would unfold?
What if I made the vow
          to be there,
          see it through,
          an oath it would pain me to break?
What if I bound my faith
          to a voice that is real
          and gave my word to the world?

What if all this was true?
I pledge my self and say I do.

- Ríonach Aiken

Published in Coming into Leaf: an anthology by Poetry ID, 2015.

photo credit: Suwaree Tangbovornpichet’s Images
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