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Hi, I'm Rionach

I help women step into greater visibility because more women’s voices need to be heard

I believe that your voice matters

Your deepest yearning to offer your gifts and make a difference is just what the world needs right now

When you break through your inner barriers and express your authentic visibility you create a life where you feel radiant, recognized and received

Why does visibility matter?

Women are achieving greater success than ever before. The gender gap is gradually closing. But women are feeling more stressed, depressed and unhappy than ever before.

We’ve achieved success inside a masculine system of strategic, rational, linear thinking. The price has often been a disconnection from our intuitive, magical, feminine wisdom. That hurts. We need both sides to feel fulfilled and fully expressed.

What called me to this work was a problem I saw and experienced myself. Too many brilliant caring women are struggling to create the impact they yearn for because visibility blocks are holding them back.

Visibility blocks are limiting stories or beliefs that exist at the level of identity. They deeply influence our expectations, choices, behaviour, and responses to life experiences. Unconsciously, they inform our sense of who we are and of what is or isn’t possible for us.

They’re shaped by the culture we live in and forged from meanings we give to our unique life experiences. Historically, women are emerging from a culture where we didn’t have a voice or the power to influence. Although our opportunities have expanded, many of the old inner barriers remain.

For women there are surprisingly common inner blocks relating to visibility. Sadly, so many women remain stuck inside these old identities.

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Discover The Top 3 Visibility Blocks That Stop Women From Realising Their Impact, Influence And Income

What you need is guidance and support from an experienced mentor who has walked this path, knows the territory, and can provide you with a clear roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be, in the fastest and most authentic way possible


I get it. The agony of waiting to be discovered. The frustration of knowing you have a calling to make a difference.

The time for your gifts to be seen and valued is now.

I've put the time, energy and investment into discovering what works for women ... so I can empower you to break through your visibility ceiling and actualize your potential. I provide exceptional programs and support so you can finally nail the mindset, skills AND practical action steps you need to fast-track your visibility.

My programs are about transformation and action taking so you Grow Yourself Visible while mastering your inner and outer game.

 What's My Story?

Being invisible was my story. For years. Decades even.

I was the shy kid who hid behind the curtains when strangers visited. Mostly I was the one with her head stuck in a book.

As a highly sensitive introvert, for years I avoided career moves that threatened to put me in the spotlight. I supported others brilliantly. They got the kudos. I stayed on the sidelines, inside my cozy comfort zone.

Eventually my yearning to make a difference and give my unique gifts got more painful than my fear and overwhelm. I learned to overcome my visibility blocks and step out of the shadows.

Now I’m called to share my discoveries with other amazing women who struggle with visibility.

 What Have I Learned?

  • As a non-profit CEO for 5 years, I learned to manage my sensitivity while leading a team of 100. I became highly visible to raise 7 figures of funding, lead a group of CEO peers and influence national strategy.
  • I’ve learned to use my intuitive ninja powers as a catalyst for personal, social and organizational change. Over 20 years I created learning centres in inner-city London, an advice centre for disadvantaged adults, family learning programs for immigrants and turned around failing organisations.
  • Because I struggled so much with sensitivity and visibility, I’ve been on a personal growth path for over 25 years. I’ve been blessed to work with leading-edge teachers in areas as diverse as energy work, feminine power, transformational poetry, business and leadership.  
  • I’ve learned not to let my fears – of being visible, judged, not good enough, failing, not ready – keep me stuck. They're still here :-) But over time I’ve evolved powerful strategies to generate the internal and external support I need to act on my inner knowing.
  • The most rewarding part of what I've learned is how to mentor brilliant women to step into their confidence, leadership and visibility. It gives me such joy when they tell me about the difference they’re making. Empowered women make the world a better place.

Want to Know More About Me?

I’ll keep it simple and random, with these 7 facts:

I married my soul mate outdoors on the full moon on a sacred hill in Ireland (in February!). It was magical. We’ve been together 20 years and it just gets better.

A poem catapulted me into visibility as a CEO. Working deeply with Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman transformed my identity and enabled me to take up space as a leader.

(And no, in case you’re wondering, I didn’t recite the poem at my interview :-)

I once met the Dalai Lama. Embarrassingly, I was ticked off at the time because dad was late with the tickets. He smiled at me so deeply (the Dalai Lama, not my dad) my heart just melted. Definitely the real deal.

My dad's pretty cool too. Just not always on time ...

My superpower is clarity. I see and express possibilities for people that unlock potential: their gifts, choices, creations. People tell me they value my insights. A lot.

I may be quiet and sensitive, but I’m also fierce. My badass self is a ferocious advocate for you fulfilling your potential.

When the going gets tough, you want this quiet power in your corner to see you through.

I LOVE transformational poetry. This passion compelled me to develop speaking skills and grow myself visible.

I founded Poetry Alchemy and created Poetry Alchemy for Our Times, a groundbreaking interview series about the power of poetry.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE empowering women through transformative mentoring! Yep. I do happy dances ;-). Even when it’s painful, dark and deep.

And especially when you light up with potential, confidence and get your gifts visible in the world.

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