Visibility Superpowers Experience

Energy alchemy to clear your visibility blocks, activate your magic and transform how you show up. 

Over 2 deep-dive sessions, you will release an energy pattern that's holding you back, and cultivate your authentic soul's expression - your visibility superpowers.

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One Payment

€ 500

2 Monthly Payments
€ 250

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The VISIBILITY SUPERPOWERS EXPERIENCE is a guided journey designed to reveal the energy pattern that’s currently holding you back from the new level of visibility that’s calling you.


  • One 90-minute ENERGY ALCHEMY SESSION to transmute your blocks and align with your new superpower energies.
  • One 30-minute INTEGRATION SESSION get clear on your next steps to integrate your energy shift.
  •  A PERSONAL POETRY PRESCRIPTION of 6-8 potent poems to reveal the energy shift your soul is inviting you into.
  • Powerful ENERGY CLEARING PRACTICES to shift you from freeze to flow - that you can use for life.  
  • An AUDIO RECORDING and TRANSCRIPT of each session, so you can revisit and embody your key shifts. 


"Something was holding me back in showing up with my spiritual wisdom. I thought poetry wouldn't work for me, but I was blown away by the poems!

In the Visibility Superpowers Experience, I connected with the deepest levels of my being and my higher parts. It helped me relax, gain confidence and feel my wings growing back. Soon I will fly!"

Lucienne van der Linde


"I was stuck in hiding, terrified to share my ideas. It felt dangerous to shine, so I stayed quiet to stay safe. The Visibility Superpowers Experience helped me release my fear of being shot down and create inner safety. Now I speak my mind without fear. I'm writing and sharing my words again. This work is real magic - powerful and deep."

Annette Vaucanson Kelly